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Personal Business Coaching Interventions: What, Why and How.

Why Business Owners Need Business Coaches

Running a business must be one of the loneliest jobs in the world.

This may seem a funny statement to make as most businesses run on human interaction, be it with suppliers, employees, partners of staff. Yet, the reality of running your own business means that the business owner steers their company on their own, whether they interact with other people or not.

Certain challenges, decisions, self-doubt, hope and frustrations are experienced purely by the business owner.

It is he or she who has sleepless nights worrying about incomplete projects or dissatisfied customers; has to resolve the problems that staff point out without attempting a solution; and who experiences immense stress at the thought of not being able to pay salaries at the end of the month.

Business coaching provides the individual who is involved in his or her business with not only a knowledgeable and objective soundboard, but with the experience and empathy to truly understand what the business owner is going through.

The professional business coach has the know-how to enable you to unlock your problem-solving toolkit, your idea toolkit, and your passion toolkit. These three sets of capabilities allow the individual to run their business with confidence and with the wherewithal to put out fires, make decisions, and accept accountability for the final results.

A business coach is not purely someone who can guide you in your business.  They are someone who truly understands what running a business is all about, and therefore truly walks the path with you.

Entrepreneurial and Business Owner Coaching

Business coaching for business owners

It is common that entrepreneurs or business owners come for business coaching for two reasons:

  1. They want an objective sounding board that can provide a valuable critique of their business
  2. They want to move their business forward, but often do not know how to do this

For the entrepreneur or business owner, business coaching is comparable to having a business partner.

The business coach is someone with insight into your business, knowledge about business in general, and who has no ego in terms of ‘being right’.

For the business owner, there could be no better partner than one who has the vested interests of your business at heart.

Business coaching, like business development, is a process. It has ebbs and flows and requires time to achieve results. It is also a relationship that grows and matures over time, and within that maturity develops an in-depth understanding of your business ambition, capabilities, industry, as well as of the people involved and their competencies. This includes the competencies and preferences of the business owner or entrepreneur.

The road that the business owner travels in a business coaching intervention is one in which he or she develops new competencies, and ingrains an improved system of thinking about their business and their ways of doing things.

The process demands commitment and actions, and the results embed the desire to take those actions. When the coaching sessions reach conclusion, the business and the business owner both emerge in a much better place than when they originally started.

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Why Do Business Leaders Need Coaching?

When 200 CEO’s, board directors, and senior executives were asked how receptive they would be to coaching, the results were as follows:
Why business leaders need business coaches

The 2013 stats on these executives receiving coaching was that only 34% of them were having regular coaching sessions. Interesting, isn’t it?

There is an overwhelming receptivity to be coached, and yet when put into practice, there is a drastic reduction in activity. Why is this? Standford highlights an array of reasons, with the most dominant being that CEO’s prefer to be private about getting coaching.

More importantly, the main reason why CEO’s are so receptive to coaching is because good things are easy to see, while blind spots are unknown and tend to creep up on them.

On a global level, top executives receiving business coaching is growing at a rapid rate. The benefits of coaching are becoming better known and certainly more widely recognised.

Why business leaders need business coaches

Source: CEO World Magazine 8 August 2016

So we’ve established 3 facts:

  1. Top executives are receptive to being coached

  2. Only 34% of top executives actually are being coached

  3. Coaching at an executive level on a global scale is rising at a rapid rate

So here’s the final piece of the puzzle: What are leaders being coaching in?

Why business leaders need business coaches


If you are a leader, how would you fare in these 12 areas?

How could you benefit from coaching?

And most importantly, what would be the return on your business if you improve in these 12 areas?

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Crisis Management or Business Coach?

Business Coach Vs Crisis Management

You know what prevents having to deal with crisis management? Going for business coaching.

There’s an amazing advantage to dealing with crisis management and working with experienced professionals who thrive in that sphere. In fact, they are a godsend when you or your business are in crisis – they take the impending doom and create a series of steps to establish calm normality.

The first in that series of steps is usually: Create a plan.
The critical question is this: when does your business need crisis management. What defines a crisis? And how big does that crisis need to be in order for you to seek some form of crisis management?
For a business – almost regardless of size – that cannot get new business, this constitutes a crisis. It doesn’t require media management and a spokesperson to address the public. But the business is in crisis.
The astute business owner has a series of tools to use to ensure that the business does not descend into crisis. One of those tools should be a business coach.
The ease with which business people will contact and employ a crisis management expert – and pay a fortune – is astounding, particularly when the whole crisis situation can be averted through effective business coaching.
Business coaching and crisis management are mutually exclusive, as the effective use of one usually eliminates the use of the other.

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Business Coach or Therapist?

Psychologist or business coach?

When people hear the term ‘therapy’ their minds seem to conjure up all sorts of colourful images. From Freud contemplating his patient lying on the couch to Robin Williams making a life changing breakthrough with Matt Damon. Therapy has become so widely accepted and popular that an estimated 30% of the US population attend regular therapy session.

This begs the question: If everyday people from all walks of life are so comfortable with the concept of therapy, then why does business coaching – which encompasses the benefits of therapy, the advantages of business improvement, and the application of career satisfaction – not have the same level of popularity?

The answer depends on who you ask.  However, popular opinion is that business people are often so busy being busy in their businesses that they don’t have the time to help themselves in their business. 

The bottom line is that the average business owner, entrepreneur, or business manager is trying so hard to cope, that the concept of an external business coaching helping is almost too much to manage.

This is not a judgment, rather an objective perspective, which is exactly what business coaching is about. Perspective. Objectivity. And your business.

When attending therapy, you have the belief that issues will be resolved and you will ‘feel better’. When enlisting the help of a business coach, you know that issues will be resolved, ideas generated, and prosperity enhanced.

Business coaching is therapy – just on a much broader and more satisfactory scale!


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What I’ve learnt from working with a coach

d e v e l o p m e n T

Having spent many hours as both a coach, and a coachee, I’ve learnt hundreds of things. Here are the five most life-changing things that I’ve learnt from working with a coach:

  1. It helps to have someone listen

Verbalising your thoughts is a completely different experience to just thinking your thoughts. Actually hearing yourself and creating logical flow, which is only required when you have another person in front of you, completely shifts the perspective to how things ‘sound’ in your head.

  1. I have the answers

When my coach told me that I am resourceful and creative, I was sceptical. However, through the session I’ve become empowered to action my own resourcefulness and creativity. The answers do exist in me; I just need to be open to the questions.

  1. Trust the process

Not all issues and discussions need to have a solution, immediate or long-term. Sometimes in the discussion more emerges, and the process of working through things is enough. When someone (a coach) asks the right questions, it is amazing what my mind can answer.

  1. Coaching works

It’s not a matter of receiving advice or answers. It’s not about being right or wrong. The miracle of talking in a structured and facilitated environment yields the most phenomenal outcomes. I feel remarkably in control of my own life and my goals. The coaching process has solidly ensured that ownership of the shape of my life sits within me. I feel that I have the power that I need to live the life that I want to.

  1. I move forward

Being asked the right questions is not about questioning me; it’s about challenging my train of thought so that I think differently. The incredible part is that without those questions, my mind repeats on the same track. The coaching process creates awareness that I want progression and growth, in various parts of my life. Even if the purpose is not to uncover a solution, I find myself propelled forward in action with a desire to make things work better. And they do.

Elana Siew

how can coaching help you?


Do yourself a favour – get a business coach


Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you not know what to do next?

Would you love a sounding board?

Or do you need some guidance?

You need a coach!

So many people wait until their situation feels so heavy, so desperate, that they then frantically search for a solution – anything that looks like it may help. Often, that solution presents itself in a HUGE package, such as signing up for an MBA, which takes more of your time, more of your money, and assumes applicability to your business.

The availability, simplicity and profound impact of a business coach can be totally transformational. So, how do you know if you need a coach?

As yourself the following questions:

  • Am I objectively doing what’s best for my business?
  • Do I challenge myself to think creatively?
  • Am I doing the best I can with the resources that I have?
  • Where is my business going? Realistically.
  • Is there anyone, with business knowledge, who I can discuss my business with, who has the best interests of my business at heart?
  • Are my business thought processes proactive and ingenious?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then do yourself a favour … get a coach!

how can coaching help you?