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Personal Business Coaching Interventions: What, Why and How.

Why Business Owners Need Business Coaches

Running a business must be one of the loneliest jobs in the world.

This may seem a funny statement to make as most businesses run on human interaction, be it with suppliers, employees, partners of staff. Yet, the reality of running your own business means that the business owner steers their company on their own, whether they interact with other people or not.

Certain challenges, decisions, self-doubt, hope and frustrations are experienced purely by the business owner.

It is he or she who has sleepless nights worrying about incomplete projects or dissatisfied customers; has to resolve the problems that staff point out without attempting a solution; and who experiences immense stress at the thought of not being able to pay salaries at the end of the month.

Business coaching provides the individual who is involved in his or her business with not only a knowledgeable and objective soundboard, but with the experience and empathy to truly understand what the business owner is going through.

The professional business coach has the know-how to enable you to unlock your problem-solving toolkit, your idea toolkit, and your passion toolkit. These three sets of capabilities allow the individual to run their business with confidence and with the wherewithal to put out fires, make decisions, and accept accountability for the final results.

A business coach is not purely someone who can guide you in your business.  They are someone who truly understands what running a business is all about, and therefore truly walks the path with you.

Entrepreneurial and Business Owner Coaching

Business coaching for business owners

It is common that entrepreneurs or business owners come for business coaching for two reasons:

  1. They want an objective sounding board that can provide a valuable critique of their business
  2. They want to move their business forward, but often do not know how to do this

For the entrepreneur or business owner, business coaching is comparable to having a business partner.

The business coach is someone with insight into your business, knowledge about business in general, and who has no ego in terms of ‘being right’.

For the business owner, there could be no better partner than one who has the vested interests of your business at heart.

Business coaching, like business development, is a process. It has ebbs and flows and requires time to achieve results. It is also a relationship that grows and matures over time, and within that maturity develops an in-depth understanding of your business ambition, capabilities, industry, as well as of the people involved and their competencies. This includes the competencies and preferences of the business owner or entrepreneur.

The road that the business owner travels in a business coaching intervention is one in which he or she develops new competencies, and ingrains an improved system of thinking about their business and their ways of doing things.

The process demands commitment and actions, and the results embed the desire to take those actions. When the coaching sessions reach conclusion, the business and the business owner both emerge in a much better place than when they originally started.

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