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Deep Listening


Deep Listening

A client speaking to his Rogerian therapist says: “I’m so depressed, I just don’t feel like is worth living.”

The therapist replies: “I hear you saying that you’re in pain and that you’re not sure how you will ever feel better.”

The client replies by saying: “I really feel I would be better off dead.”

To which the therapist comments: “You really are at your wits’ end about what to do.”

The client stands and moves to the window of the office and opening it up, the therapist observes, “You’re showing me how much pain you are in, how desperate you are.”

The client then jumps out the window

The therapist says, “Splat” (Rosenbaum, 2009).

The point of the above story is that reflective listening serves no purpose. It is parroting what someone has said, and simply repeating back to someone what they have said is pointless.

Deep listening takes a different perspective on listening. It adds empathy to the equation. Empathetic, deep listening happens when the listener silences their own internal chatter and own opinions, and completely stills their mind so that they can absorb everything that the person in front of them is saying.

The principle behind deep listening is that the person listening listens absolutely. They are completely present in the moment, they take in everything about the person in front of them in terms of their body language, facial expressions, voice intonation and use of language. They integrate everything that they witness to build a sincere trust with the communicator, so that the person speaking feels no judgment, and that the speaker feels like they have the listener’s undivided attention.

Deep listening is a practiced skill that takes years to perfect. Once it is perfected, it is an art, and a skilled practitioner can slip into deep listening easily.

“We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very special kind, is one of the most potent forces for change that I know.”

Carl Rogers

Business Coach Or HR?

Business Coach or Human Resources?

Business is a series of processes implemented by people to achieve specific strategic objectives. Without people the systems cannot be put into effect, and without the processes the people will have no direction or beat practice.

This delicate balance of equal value is one of the cornerstones of a business coach’s toolkit. ‘Business knowledge’ is a broad and never ending subject with endless challenges, opportunities and curveballs.

The professional business coach not only knows this; he or she works with this to achieve outcomes.

Human Resources (or HR) as a department, is a critical component within the business structure. It is this department that ensures the right people are in the right positions in order to achieve the business strategy. Human Resources is a proactive function that deliberately strives to optimise processes by placing, motivating and developing effective people.

This is not a business coaching function. Although admittedly many HR people are great listeners and seem to have an insight into people, their focus, training and purpose differs significantly from that of a business coach.

HR specialises in one aspect of business, and although it is a vital aspect, it is highly specialised.

Business coaches specialise in coaching people in their businesses.  From systems to processes; from recruitment to talent management; from strategy to objectives.

This competency embodies a range of business oriented specialisations and allows the client to focus on the one that matters most at that time.

HR is incredibly valuable, and so is business coaching.

The important point to realise is that the two are not mutually exclusive. Business coaches can work with and add value to the HR department and visa versa. However, they are not substitutes for each other.

Each plays its own meaningful role and achieves its meaningful outcomes in its own way. And each has its own value to add.

Become a Business Coach with SA Business Coaches

“If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, you call a coach.”

Denver Post

The coaching industry has witnessed a groundswell in popularity growth over the last five years. Here are the statistics from Dr Sandra Fielden (university of Manchester):

  • 51% increase in the use of coaching in companies
  • 47% increase in e-learning
  • 42% increase in mentoring and buddy-systems in organisations
  • 96% of people in business surveyed (Parsloe and Rolph) stated that people who take on more responsibilities in their working roles need coaching

So why is coaching back in vogue? Because coaching works!

The increase in optimism regarding the world’s economy has resulted in vast quantities of companies investing in business coaches, executive coaches and leadership coaching.

Why Business Coaching?

In a recent study, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to 77%.”


Quite simply, an industry that it is a growth phase is definitely the place to be. Opportunities and potential lie in each and every business. There is no doubt that the time is now!

Business Coaching is one of those dynamic and never-a-dull-moment opportunities to combine business knowledge with interpersonal skills, allowing the coaching to achieve their goals and move forward with their lives. There is little more excitingand rewarding than igniting a fire of passion under someone who accepts responsibility for their own development… and then watching them race towards their finish line.

“The benefits of coaching appear to win over even the most cynical clients within just a few weeks.”

Money Magazine

So why become a business coach through SA Business Coaches?

 “….many companies….offer coaching as a prerequisite to proven managers, in the understanding that everyone can benefit from a detached observer.”

Harvard Business Review

SA Business Coaches offers the only business coaching course with a comprehensive business syllabus, psychological syllabus and coaching syllabus. Categorically, this is the only course that really gives you all that you need for a very competitive price, designed to be delivered in a manner that not only enhances your learning, but is also manageable for those who are working.

Integrity is at the heart of each coaching intervention.  Chemistry between coach and client is the glue that ensures a successful coaching relationship, and business knowledge is the element of competitive advantage which ensures that you add value to your client, not just in each session, but in terms of helping their business to grow from strength to strength.

The business demand for coaching is nearly doubling each year. Out of the $80 billion being currently spent on corporate education, FLI Research estimates that $2 billion is spent on executive coaching at senior executive levels in Fortune 500 companies.

Business Wire

 APPLY TODAY.  Click here for our online application process, and for more information.

Business coaching course in Johannesburg, South Africa

Become a business coach


The only real business coaching course on the market.

From February 2016 we will be running a business coaching training course.

The course has been created by a businessperson and an industrial psychologist, with a combined 56 years working experience both in their own and other people’s businesses. Between them they have 36 years experience using their master’s degrees in business to business coach.

This programme will equip you to ‘business coach’ and build your own business coaching practice. It will impart, amongst other competencies, business coaching skills – you will be able to confidently approach and coach business owners in their businesses.

Completion of this full programme will equip the participant with 250 hours of coaching, business coaching, theory of business, strategic, functional and operational business coaching tools, the practice of business coaching, cloud-based business coaching administration, Business Coaching Accreditation by SA Business Coaches, and access to the Coach in the Corner Complete Coaching Package. You will be introduced to competence-based coaching and business coaching by an industrial psychologist.

SA Business Coaches believes that South African business owners deserve the integrity of a coach who has a combination of business knowledge, business experience and coaching competencies.

Therefore, the SA Business Coaches course establishes a solid foundation in each delegate of both the coaching and real business coaching competencies.


What you get

  • Know-how on how to actually establish your business coaching practice
  • Access to a Professional Business Coaching Tool
  • 250 development hours
  • A ground-breaking, first its kind book on Competencies
  • Professional facilitators who are real business coaches, with over 1000 facilitation hours
  • Real life business coaching case studies
  • Business knowledge and insight given by a successful businessman and business owner
  • Awareness and perception into human Behaviour and business owner behaviour by an industrial psychologist

Course outcomes

  • Coaching competencies
  • Business knowledge
  • Coaching competencies within the business environment
  • Models and styles of coaching
  • Business issues and focus areas
  • A roadmap on how to coach a business owner

Who should attend

  • Coaches who would like to specialise in Business Coaching
  • Business owners who enjoy helping others
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs who would like to start their own successful business
  • People who are seeking a new career or start in life

Dates:   5 February 2016 to 12 June 2016

Modules:  5

Programme:     2 or 3 days a month, over a 5 month period

Fee:    R 26 000

Facilitators: Neale Roberts and Elana Siew

Contact us to book, for the full course curriculum, or for more information.



What I’ve learnt from working with a coach

d e v e l o p m e n T

Having spent many hours as both a coach, and a coachee, I’ve learnt hundreds of things. Here are the five most life-changing things that I’ve learnt from working with a coach:

  1. It helps to have someone listen

Verbalising your thoughts is a completely different experience to just thinking your thoughts. Actually hearing yourself and creating logical flow, which is only required when you have another person in front of you, completely shifts the perspective to how things ‘sound’ in your head.

  1. I have the answers

When my coach told me that I am resourceful and creative, I was sceptical. However, through the session I’ve become empowered to action my own resourcefulness and creativity. The answers do exist in me; I just need to be open to the questions.

  1. Trust the process

Not all issues and discussions need to have a solution, immediate or long-term. Sometimes in the discussion more emerges, and the process of working through things is enough. When someone (a coach) asks the right questions, it is amazing what my mind can answer.

  1. Coaching works

It’s not a matter of receiving advice or answers. It’s not about being right or wrong. The miracle of talking in a structured and facilitated environment yields the most phenomenal outcomes. I feel remarkably in control of my own life and my goals. The coaching process has solidly ensured that ownership of the shape of my life sits within me. I feel that I have the power that I need to live the life that I want to.

  1. I move forward

Being asked the right questions is not about questioning me; it’s about challenging my train of thought so that I think differently. The incredible part is that without those questions, my mind repeats on the same track. The coaching process creates awareness that I want progression and growth, in various parts of my life. Even if the purpose is not to uncover a solution, I find myself propelled forward in action with a desire to make things work better. And they do.

Elana Siew

how can coaching help you?


Do yourself a favour – get a business coach


Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you not know what to do next?

Would you love a sounding board?

Or do you need some guidance?

You need a coach!

So many people wait until their situation feels so heavy, so desperate, that they then frantically search for a solution – anything that looks like it may help. Often, that solution presents itself in a HUGE package, such as signing up for an MBA, which takes more of your time, more of your money, and assumes applicability to your business.

The availability, simplicity and profound impact of a business coach can be totally transformational. So, how do you know if you need a coach?

As yourself the following questions:

  • Am I objectively doing what’s best for my business?
  • Do I challenge myself to think creatively?
  • Am I doing the best I can with the resources that I have?
  • Where is my business going? Realistically.
  • Is there anyone, with business knowledge, who I can discuss my business with, who has the best interests of my business at heart?
  • Are my business thought processes proactive and ingenious?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then do yourself a favour … get a coach!

how can coaching help you?