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Neale Roberts
Neale Roberts
Leader of the SA Business NASDAQ
Business Planning Team
2nd Place in the NASDAQ Business
Planning Competition San Diego, USA
ComenSA Coach Training Provider    International Coach Register
"...added new, rich dimension to my coaching skills & abilities"     Rob Reimers, Qualified International & SA Business Coach
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The Good News

  • You Are Halfway There Already

    As an accountant, your existing business expertise, core competencies and client-base already uniquely positions you to become a successful business coach.

  • Add the Other Half

    Our business coach training course will add the necessary coaching expertise for you to become an effective business coach.

Expert business coach training with experienced and competent trainers & coaches

Why Should I ALSO Be a Business Coach...?

  • More clients are requesting and seeking the wise council of professionals whom they already employ or whom they are prepared to switch to
  • As disruptive technology removes current income producing services from the accounting industry, professional and accredited business coaching services act as a replacement

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A Few Statistics...

  • The use of Executive Business Coaching has grown over the last 15 years by 20-25%, mainly by large corporate entities
  • This growth excludes the SMME market where adoption rates are closer to 50%
  • This SMME market is a US$ 1 billion industry and growing - the window of opportunity is now...
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