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Accounting firms and accounting practices are offering business coaching as a valuable and necessary part of their professional offerings.

Have you thought of adding Business Coaching as part of your skill set and service offerings?

Executive Coaching is just one of many types of business coaching (more than 100 business coaching niches exist, from financial coaching to systems coaching and many, many more).

SA Business Coaches is one of the only business coach training providers to competently introduce and train you on these niches.

Why is business coaching becoming so popular amongst accounting and financial management professionals?

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10 reasons why you should consider adding business coaching to your skill set and competencies:

  • As a CA(SA) your qualification is well positioned in business coaching; the nature of your extensive training and experience,
  • As a CA(SA) you have seen so many business cases which abound with examples and can be great story telling growth opportunities for clients while maintaining confidentiality
  • Your work ethic and diligence can be utilised by appreciative and well-paying clients
  • More clients are requesting and seeking the wise council of professionals whom they already employ or whom they are prepared to switch to
  • Adding business coaching to your service offering makes sense
  • As disruptive technology removes current income producing services from the accounting industry, professional and accredited business coaching services act as a replacement
  • The use of Executive Business Coaching has grown over the last 15 years by 20-25%; mainly by large corporate entities
  • This growth excludes the SMME market where adoption rates are closer to 50%
  • This SMME market is a US$ 1 billion industry and growing; the window of opportunity is now
  • Coaching is not telling, advising, consulting, training; it is a skill of getting the client to arrive at their own conclusions so that they implement them to their satisfaction; that is why training in business coaching is crucial
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Why become a competent SA Business Coach?

  • Our training offering compliments and forms the perfect fit with your current set of core competencies
  • We are a local, internationally aligned and accredited Business Coach training provider
  • We train professionals wanting to develop and enhance their skills to coach in the business environment
  • We support our delegates through our 5-month, 13-day blended training program
  • We welcome our delegates to our Business Coaching Association which like most associations supports its members
  • We abide by ethical standards, moral principles, and are client centric
  • We believe business coaching is a profession and must be approached as a profession
  • We uphold professional standards
  • Our competence is backed by 20 years of business coaching, lecturing, training, assessment and moderation
  • Our training material is a blend of experience, application and academic knowledge woven together to produce the best business coach training from around the world
  • We are a Business Coaching company; we do not simply offer a business coach training program
  • Our business coaching genre is scientifically moulded on 24 core competencies; both coaching core competencies and business coaching core competencies. This is an international, worldwide innovation in the business coaching industry
  • Person centred, solution focussed performance based business coaching
  • Use of our innovative and first of a kind Coach in the Corner cloud based coach administration software
  • Affordable and available locally
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