They say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and just two days of not doing something for a habit to be lost. That sounds like quite a bit of hard work!

The truth is though that there are certain habits that are worth forming, and worth working on, because the end results yield wonderful rewards.

There have been many studies that analyse what successful people do, when and why. What is most interesting is that commonalities do exist. These are some of the practices that successful people engage I before 9am:

  1. They meditate

Meditation is not for everyone, but meditation takes various forms. You don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor, humming. Rather, it can also be quiet introspective reflection where you contemplate your life, your business and your goals in a quiet and concentrated space.

  1. They read

Successful people read prolifically. They focus and become experts on topics that are pertinent and relevant to their businesses. They take the time to develop their knowledge base and skill-set so that they are ahead of the pack, and create their own opinions and frameworks.

  1. They exercise

Successful people take care of their bodies as well as their minds and spirituality. They keep themselves active in such a way that their bodies are a tool and not an inhibitor. Successful people realise that accomplishment requires an holistic approach, and that exercise provides energy, endorphins, and improves overall health.

  1. They eat well

Food is fuel that energises your body. Healthy eating maintains a healthy mindset and provides the ability to concentrate on what matters. Most people will tell you that if they start the day eating well, they tend to watch what they eat throughout the day. Successful people will verify this. Breakfast is taken seriously, and it’s healthy.

  1. They network 

One of the fundamental components to success is networking. And believe it or not, this is a habit. Successful people prioritise networking and work on networking all the time. They also follow up and build relationships with their network so that it is stable, accessible and the business person remains memorable.

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