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Stress reduction techniques

Ironically enough, the person who sits at the top of a company generally tends to have the most uncomfortable seat.

Stress and enormous responsibility are all par for the course at a certain level of authority; however, stress reduction techniques are a reality and certainly work to decrease internal pressure.

Some of the more common techniques include:

  • Having a support group who really understand
  • Getting a change in scenery
  • Exercising
  • Participating in a hobby
  • Switching off when you’re not at work
  • Developing an ‘in the moment’ mentality
  • Meditation

Each one of these has significant value and can be life changing. Debra Nelson (president of her own executive coaching company) cites three reasons why the stress of a CEO is so high:

  1. The pace of their work life
  2. The reality of downsizing
  3. Social isolation

Probably the most important aspect of stress reduction is finding what works for you.

Forbes presents some of the ways in which CEO’s manage their stress levels:

  • Robert Freedman (CEO of ORC Worldwide) meditates for 2 minutes every morning while drinking his coffee. This creative ritual is a deliberate form of destressing and it works for him
  • Ryan Wuerch (CEO of Motricity) runs marathons, and then enjoys chips with salsa
  • Luis Derechin (CEO of JackBe) exercises, particularly by enjoying long runs
  • Jeff O’Shea (CEO of IntelliTouch Communications) rides his bike every morning and enjoys listening to music. He also claims that laughter is a great stress reducer
  • Chris Twyman (CEO of Zapoint) maintains that it’s quality family time that is the best solution for him
  • Robin Loudeermilk (CEO of Aaron’s Inc.) swears by the outdoors – whether its fishing, hunting or watching his sons play soccer
  • John Benson (CEO of states that time management is the key. With his structured schedule he is able to exercise, switch off from the office, go sailing or try something creative and new
  • P Miller (CEO of Louis Allen Worldwide) relies on being able to talk to his business partner and maintaining open communication with a positive base
  • Gary Bhoiwani (CEO of Allianz Life) focuses on solutions and this minimises his stress levels

Which one of these could you incorporate into your daily routine to help you cope with your daily demands?

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