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Dave Hollis said:

“In the rush to get back to normal, use this time to decide which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

This quote centred Thulani.

It somehow gave him the perspective to consider what he had been spending his time on, and where he was headed as a Business Coach. He had spent so much time collecting and collating information that he had almost forgotten to reconnect with his purpose.

As esoteric as this sounded, he realised that he was running a business coaching session with himself to realign with his business purpose. He had deeply considered why he wanted to be a Business Coach, what his niche would be, and what coaching methodology suits him best.

Thulani had been drawn towards a career in Business Coaching for several reasons, one of the most dominant being the meaningfulness of the profession for him.

Listening to his colleagues, Thulani realised that most of his decisions had manifested themselves within the confines of how life used to be (before COVID). The complexity of this realisation spanned different parts of his professional development. Primarily that both he and his business coaching career needed definite direction.

While thinking about his reactions and responses during the darker times of lockdown, Thulani read SA Business Coaches Blog from March 2020→ which spoke about opportunities for professional development after Covid-19.

This blog gave him some new perspective on how the challenging situations had some opportunities which he could make use of.

Understanding that you are transforming and need to develop a plan for yourself is one thing, implementation is quite another. Thulani had set out his business plan and strategy to launch his Business Coaching practice. Yet he understood a roadmap needed:

  • A vision
  • Broad strategy to achieve this
  • Considering:
    •  Internal resources
    •  Internal limits
    •  External opportunities
    •  Possible threats
  • With all the above in place, formulate:
    •  Action steps
      •  With milestones
      •  Each with:
        •  Measurements
        •  Time plans
        •  Financial considerations
        •  Resources
      •  Percentage of progress
      •  Continual updates
    •  Contingency plan for each action step

    Thulani felt confident that he was consolidating his business coaching career into a formalised roadmap that would guide him through the next phase of his career development as a professional business coach.

    The pandemic has reshaped lives, and each person must create and navigate their own roadmap to ensure the success of their business.

    As much as Thulani introspects himself, so too are his business coaching clients recreating their businesses and purposes. Feeling clearer in his own mind, Thulani began working on his roadmap toward becoming a successful professional Business Coach.

    To learn more about becoming a qualified business coach, see SA Business Coaches’ Coach Training Page→.