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When rumours were brewing about a nationwide lockdown, many business owners felt great panic. For a smaller business, the work that keeps the salaries, rent, stationary, equipment and wages being paid, are the monthly orders that keep the business alive. A lockdown is a death sentence.

Amazingly enough, there is life after COVID-19. People return to work, your customers need your product or service, your suppliers are ready for action, and the economy will slowly move forward. There is no doubt that this is a difficult time for business. The company was forced to stop operating during uncertainty, panic and numerous difficulties. This means that your staff were not psychologically able to process the situation – and neither were you.

There is a Chinese proverb said by Lao Tzu that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So it is with rebuilding your business. The only way to cope and focus on a path forward is to nurture and stabilise one step at a time. Using a Business Coach as a soundboard and a source of strength on which to draw will enable you to make the decisions that will have the greatest impact in the shortest time to keep your business alive and growing.

Business Owners are adept at adapting to change and ensuring their company subsists. It is those survival skills that are needed now more than ever. And although the tunnel may seem dark, it is a tunnel, which is pathway, leading you towards the light.