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Competencies in a business is what defines the business as being unique, giving the company the competitive advantage required to keep it ahead of its industry. When considering competencies in a business, the question: Competent for what? Has numerous applications for each department, and for the business as a unit. Some areas will be able to answer this question more easily than others.

Part of the core competencies of a business lies in the value that the business adds to its clients. This value stems from the core competencies that keep the business solid in its foundational capacity. This ensures that the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience embodied by the business are displayed effectively through the behaviour of the staff, and the performance of any products or services.

The true value is shown in the innovation and future significance created for the company’s clients. This means that the levels of knowledge held, skills employed, abilities that exist, and the experience that has been gathered, will all need to be analysed for development. This is not just for the sake of growth, but for the deliberate purpose of building the business in the direction that you want it to be.

The final creation of competence in your business is demonstrated behaviourally through the performance of your systems, processes, and service. The behaviour of your staff members throughout company generate the notion of competence. Then you need to ensure that they possess all five factors of competence, in each required sphere, to make your business competent.

If you’d like to have a better grasp on being truly competent in all walks of your life, consider acquiring a copy of this great read by Dr Elana Freinkel: Competence Refined: The 5 Components of Competence