Richard Branson said that a big business starts small. The problem is that many business owners are either so busy working in their business, that they don’t have time to work on it; Or they spread themselves too thin to allow themselves time for growth.

Time seems to be the greatest issues shared by business owners who come to us for coaching. The time to work on their business, and the time to develop and implement new strategies. The irony is that spending half an hour on your business often saves you 10 hours later in the week, because the focused time allows you to streamline what really matters.

This is why Business Owner Coaching is trending, and why online coaching is trending. Online coaching means that the business owner doesn’t loose travel time going to a coaching session. Your Business Coach comes into your office via your computer and the hour that is spent facilitates you getting the time you need to improve, grow or repair your business.

Business trends are a culmination of the things that have worked for others. Business Coaching works for Business Owners. Of all the trends floating  around at the moment, this is one worth following!