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There’s a common joke about someone enjoying their own conversation because at least they
receive intelligent responses to their questions. Most of us smile, as we recognize our own truth
behind the quip. Business coaching for business owners, to a greater or lesser extent, is exactly that:

Having an intelligent and business experienced soundboard who is able to reflect back your
thoughts and ideas in a reframed and intelligible manner.

Isn’t that great? Someone who is on your team who bats their best for you, with a wealth of
competencies behind them.

Probably the most common excuse for business owners not engaging in coaching is not having the
time. We are often so busy being busy working in our business that we don’t have time to work on
our business. Yet, we do have time to converse with ourselves!

And that is the greatest benefit provided by being coached in your own business: You work on your
business with someone who listens to you. When someone is actively engaged in our business, the
insights that are mirrored to us can be the difference between progressing on a day to day rate, and
catapulting your business to the next level!

The best way that you can benefit from being coached is simple. Business Coaching provides the
business owner the space and environment so necessary to reflect on working on your business so
that all the daily efforts in your business eventually build towards a stronger future.