The survival of a species depends on its ability to adapt to changes in the environment. One of the most remarkable observations made during the lockdown period has been the ability for the human being to readjust themselves to work within their new framework.

The use of zoom and webinar for online sessions has flooded the coaching world as a new platform, previously avoided by many coaching clients, to run sessions and keep the coaching momentum progressing forward. The necessity to adapt has resulted in a new ‘normal’.

This is an unusual time when coaching clients specifically need the support and sounding board of their coach. Some are experiencing extreme loneliness or extreme anxiety about their personal or business situation. There are so many unknown factors which will affect their lives when the country, and the world, return to a new concept of routine after the lockdown.

As a business coach, by readjusting your systems and procedures, you ensure that you do not fall victim to the possibility of depression or low motivation during this time. You are in a position to help others, and that in turn, should help you. It gives you a purpose. We are experiencing many challenges and there is a need to bring in some form of ordinariness from our pre-lockdown lives to ensure not only our survival, but our sanity ensues.