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We offer a fully internationally accredited, flexible and immersive business coach training course.

Across an immersive 5-month, 5 module program, you can apply your current competencies, while we teach and develop you into a competent business coach.  You will interact with delegates and facilitators over 13 practical days, no matter your location.  Each module is preceded by 25 – 30 hours of online theory, quizzes to test your growing knowledge and which will prepare you for the 13 practical days.  You will have a lot of fun and laugh a lot while you learn and develop your business coaching competence.

The course has been developed by bona fide business coaches, industrial psychologists and business experts.  When accrediting the course as an Internationally Accredited Business Coach Training Programme, the International Coach Register, an ISO 17024 and Lloyds of Holland compliance body, said it was the most comprehensive business coaching course throughout Europe. 

We cater our material to energetic professionals who want to add to their already sophisticated set of skills. Engrossing and personally rewarding, our best coaches blend their personal business experience with neuroscience techniques, our proven methodologies, and techniques to yield industry-leading results.

Upon graduating, our business coaches are provided with our proprietary marketing and coach management system, Coach In The Corner. It’s been designed as a coaching companion and allows for coaches to store notes, keep track of assignments, generate reports, and much more.

Approved COMENSA Silver Training Provider Programme


International and Local Accreditations

Internationally Accredited by
The International Coach Register
International Coaches Register Logo
An ISO 17024
Compliance Body
Coaches & Mentors of South Africa
Approved Silver Training Provider
A SAQA Registered Body
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Month July 2024 August 2024 September 2024 October 2024 November 2024 Totals
Module Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5
Course Fundamentals of Coaching The Psychology of Business Coaching Putting the Business Into Business Coaching Installing Business Coaching Managing Your Professional Business Coaching Practice
Dates 4th, 5th & 6th July 15th, 16th & 17th August 12th, 13th & 14th September 17th & 18th October 14th & 15th November 13 days
Cost R 7 500 R 7 500 R 7 500 R 6 000 R 6 000 R 34 500
VAT R 1 125 R 1 125 R 1 125 R 900 R 900 R 5 175
Total R 8 625 R 8 625 R 8 625 R 6 900 R 6 900 R 39 675
• Please remember to book at least 2 weeks in advance as there is online content for you to do before the course dates.

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I recently attended a course led by Neale Roberts from SA Business Coaches and was truly impressed by his expertise and passion for helping others. Neale’s ability to convey complex concepts in a digestible manner made the course highly engaging and valuable for both personal and professional growth. His calm approach and innovative D.I.T.A.R. framework fostered a transformative learning environment.

I highly recommend Neale Roberts and SA Business Coaches for anyone seeking to optimise their performance or develop their skills as a business coach. The return on investment in terms of growth and productivity is unparalleled.

This course teaches what you need to know to be a competent business coach. It arms you with knowledge, equips you with skills and provides a foundation for both international and domestic accreditation.

The professional but friendly participation of the trainers and active peer interaction adds significantly to the richness of the learning experience and boosts your competence and self-belief. Videos add to the invigorating learning environment with relevant topics.

Presented through a mix of self-study, practical course delivery and roleplay in 5 Modules. Each module consists of self-learning preparation with tutorials and tests, followed by 2 or 3-day face-to-face online interactive learning, and rounded off with a series of peer-to-peer coaching sessions to apply what you have learned.

You will learn a framework and methodology on which to base your coaching, and then skills and tools and business coaching expertise are piled on top. Content shared is broad, comprehensive, interesting, and practical but provided at pace and in significant volume – so be prepared to put in the effort.

This is a REAL education programme not a sharing of ideas. You are tested, and your competence is developed exponentially. At times you may feel overwhelmed, but you will never feel bored.

My new skills from SA Business Coaches will stand me in good stead. I am confident knowing I can provide what my client needs.

This is the best professional program I have attended and the time and money I spent would be a bargain at twice the price.

Thank you, Neale and Elana.

Business Coach - toney motha
My Experience with SA Business Coaches Training
  • The training content has produced the desired and intended results for me, because in all my coaching interventions I managed to deliver positive results for my customers. This is due to the training I received from SA Business coaching.
  • The facilitators really demonstrated and displayed excellent behaviour in the manner in which they interacted with their students, the experience, and their knowledge of the subject matter, this was evident when they conducted roleplays, their calmness and how they asked those powerful questions to drive the coachee towards self-discovery. The coaching facilitators are real experts and professionals in the field because they always engage the students and create an environment of self-learning.
  • The topics were relevant, and the methodology created the feeling that all learners were treated equally with love and care that all students must do their best in acquiring the qualification. I always tell those who aspire to become coaches about the best coaching institute and facilitators.
  • B.E.A.K.S. acronym is the core of coaching because it makes the life of the coach much easier when followed correctly, with focus on the D.I.T.A.R framework and B.O.P. methodology during coaching interventions.
  • The learning was never theoretical but always practical with case studies presenting real-life situations in our coaching process, which made my learning easy.
  • I have started using the newly acquired skills in all my coaching interventions, and learnt to remain calm, paying more attention to detail where I picked some unspoken language from the coachee.
thenjiwe dube profile 1
Expertise on the subject matter and delivery of the course content

The technique and delivery of the course content used by SA Business coaches is ‘fit for purpose’. SA Business coaches articulates passionately, WHAT business coaching is about, WHY it is pertinent for business coaches to be equipped with necessary coaching competencies to help clients develop their SMART and WFO goals, strategies and outcomes, WHEN a competent coach could ask powerful questions to evoke awareness, and when to pause to allow a client to digest his/her thoughts, and HOW to deep dive sensitively during coaching sessions for a client to have their “AHA moment” on what is holding them back /pain points or visualize their outcomes.

SA Business coaches lays an excellent foundation of training by using various tools such as the Johari window, four (4) stages of competence as well as the Wheel of Life, amongst other innovative tools. Such tools equip coaches to help their clients discover themselves, by navigating from ‘blind spots to the known’. Additionally, SA Business coaches’ trains coaches to effectively apply their effective DITAR framework and BOP methodology during coaching sessions.

SA Business coaches instils in us to ‘create a paradigm shift in client’s mind’ to help them transform, achieve their goals and grow their business. Fundamentally, I have learnt to be confident, approach each coaching session with a purpose and value my contribution in changing lives.

Dr Jerry
jerry makokoane
Efficacy of the business coaching training content
  1. Coaching training scope is comparatively broader, comprehensive and practically useful than those provided by other institutions like universities.
  2. Sharing experiences of coaching sessions when blended with the trainer’s presentations, bring more insight of the training content.
  3. Test scores from the Coaching tutorials encourage learning and provide clarity of lessons.
Delivery of the SA Business Coaches training program that I have qualified from.
  1. The logical sequence and pace of presenting the training modules make the business coaching subject more interesting and exciting.
  2. The use of blended learning by adding motivational coaching videos strengthen the learning experience and exposes one’s blind spots in coaching.
  3. The SA Business Coaches training program is worth the value for the price.
Quality and competence (B.E.A.K.S.) of the SA Business Coaches facilitators
  1. The training program is facilitated in a friendly and satisfying way and by giving the trainees chance to provide specific performance feedback to the trainer – this encourages trust.
  2. The examples of coaching experience with different clients which the trainer shares, provide insight on valuable practical client engagements and expectations.
  3. The feedback and suggestions for improvements by the trainer regarding coaching practice sessions by trainees during the training sessions builds the required confidence.
How I intend using my new learning and competencies
  1. It is quite satisfying to observe a client who is committed and accountable in their coaching process.
  2. On the other hand, clients who demonstrate apathy call for me to find alternative ways to motivate them to actively engage.
  3. Notwithstanding this, I am getting to better ways of handling the coaching experience.
Dr Florus
florus prinsloo
Quality and competence (B.E.A.K.S.) of the SA Business Coaches facilitators
  1. Both Neale and Elana are incredibly knowledgeable and, in my opinion, excellent facilitators and trainers.
  2. They are experienced coaches, business coaches, and freely share their experiences and advice and coach you professionally during the training.
  3. You thus get the best of both worlds, practical learning, and professional coaching.
  4. The BEAKS approach – behaviors are congruent, authentic to that of a facilitator and coach. I currently utilize BEAKS as an entry point for all of my coaching clients and it adds great value to the process.
  5. Neale and Elana have extensive experience in the field and run their respective coaching practices.
  6. Their abilities are demonstrated through activities and interactions.
  7. Knowledge is extensive in the area.
  8. Skills – you will get to experience first-hand through one-on-one coaching, feedback on your coaching during the program, and ongoing support throughout.
paulette bourne profile
Efficacy of the business coaching training content
  • The online coaching content is quite extensive/expansive, to run a thriving coaching company.
  • The opportunities are out there, it’s merely a matter of aligning one’s capabilities to what the market needs.
  • There are modules that I’ll most definitely revisit to further embed the knowledge I gained on the course.
Delivery of the SA Business Coaches training program that I have qualified from
  • I especially liked the role-play to apply the tools and techniques to different client scenarios.
The practicality of the learning
  • The training and constant practice of concepts, tools and methods was really impactful for me.
  • Roleplay within a safe environment, coupled with constructive feedback from the facilitator and peers in attendance, is extremely valuable.
  • Thanks to all the peers on this course – it was an awesome experience getting their personal perspectives and insights and those links and resources which we shared definitely added to the richness of the learning.
  • What stood out for me is that coaching is still so new and has been positively disrupted by technology.
  • Your client doesn’t need to be local, and this can be a key driver to expand your market share.
How you intend using your new learning and competencies
  • While I’m currently not coaching full-time, I am consulting to Corporates on Skills Development Advisory Services.
  • The DITAR and BOPS models come in handing in many client meetings and briefing sessions, as the methodologies help me to ask questions to better understand my clients’ needs and requirements.
david davis
Efficacy of the business coaching training content

The content and structure of the coach training are by far the best I have experienced – with a training and development background, multiple degrees, and programs as a comparison – the SA Business Coaches training content is comprehensive, specific and provides for a multisensory experience with practical application. These elements ensure the material is covered multiple times, using different sensory experiences and most importantly practical hands-on to reinforce the learning.

I had little formal coach training experience, and the content allowed me to go further than just coach training. I was able to apply the business elements to my own existing business, thus also developing the business and client experience while simultaneously acquiring coaching skills and knowledge.

alberto pontiggia
  1. I enjoyed using the online training platform which is excellent and professionally done.
  2. The online training material is supplemented with a hardcopy workbook – both of great quality.
  3. With every training block, one reviews the learning material and the workbook, which all then builds up to a comprehensive reference manual. In fact, this material has become an invaluable source of constant reference in my journey as a business coach.
  4. There is good structure and balance in the delivery of the overall program between, online learning, classroom notes, group revision and then, the practical hands-on training sessions. All this makes for a very successful course.
Business Coach - terry lee 1
Moving Forward
  1. The programme has instilled a confidence in being able to represent the industry professionally.
  2. I intend building my Business Coaching practice to add value to my chosen niche.
  3. I intend building a platform of reciprocity with other coaches and related service providers.
    Business Coach - sean fenn
    The time and money I invested in the past 5 months have been invaluable. The qualification catapulted my leadership capabilities, in a time when great challenges face leadership, to a place where the business is growing against all odds and individuals within the business, from cleaner to COO, are discovering the power of the solutions they are discovering within them to face challenges everyday.

    I congratulate Neale and Elana on a brilliant business model and a powerful change agent in South African business coaching.

    sonet betz color
    Neale is an excellent course facilitator, totally true to himself and in full integrity.

    What stood out for me is that we did not have a “lets introduce ourselves” to start off but rather we got to know each other as the course continued. It actually works surprisingly well as this is a very interactive course.

    There was not a moment of boredom as the facilitated course content and practical coaching sessions were well balanced. I started with zero coaching knowledge – “ground zero’’ for me – yet I felt a sense of achievement at the end of each module because of the knowledge gained and practice sessions.

    The feedback given on practice sessions is immediate, honest and respectful.

    The online pre-reading and zoom facilitated program have been carefully designed and planned to achieve well formed outcomes. ( I am sure that was exactly as intended!).

    If I had any doubts about the program, the experience, professionalism and knowledge of both facilitators, Neale and Elana, quickly evaporated those fears.

    karel vermeulen small
    • None of the business coaching courses that I researched to enroll into is so in depth and life changing than SA Business Coaches curriculum. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that this business course was not just an online course that I could complete on my own, but, we had scheduled live training every month for the duration of the course.
    • What I loved about Neale’s course is the active participation from the educators as well as from each student with our practical regular sessions that not only boosts our competence but also our belief in ourselves as an upcoming business coach.
    • Upon course completion we are now fully qualified and have the option to register with world renowned coaching bodies like COMENSA and the International Coach Register (ICR) which helps you to be recognized as a trusted, well-educated, and competent business coach.
    • I highly recommend you enroll with SA Business Coaches if you are serious in taking your business coaching to the next level.
    carlo shields
    Enrolling into the SA Business Coaching training program is by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made with regards to my personal development in business acumen.

    The timeline of the program was not the easiest while still having to lead a company as COO but it was worth the crunch and the content far exceeded my expectations and equipped me with the tools and insight to initiate positive change in my approach to experienced challenges in business.

    The tools, content and format are well structured and deliver true value towards improved business outcomes.

    Qualifying as a SA Business Coach ignited a passion in me to help business owners and COOs to overcome their challenges and enjoy the fruits of value adding and purposed outcomes.


    Coach In The Corner

    Coach in the corner logo
    Watch this video to find out more



    What does Accreditation mean and why is it important
    • Any course that includes neuroscience techniques and principles does not necessarily mean it will automatically accredit or credential you
    • There is currently no regulation in the coaching industry
    • Accreditation seeks to standardize coaching so that the users of coaching i.e. our clients, can trust our competence
    • When clients trust coaches the industry benefits and thrives
    • There are approximately 11 international accreditation bodies globally
    • Accreditation means that you have qualified through a body whose criteria you have met and been declared competent
    • In the coaching environment it also means that you are competent to coach in a particular manner
      • The question is “Which accreditation body do you accredit with?”
    • South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognizes COMENSA as the official accreditation body in South Africa
    • COMENSA uses the word Credentialed rather than Accredited
      • COMENSA currently has 9 criteria for credentialing
      • COMENSA has 3 levels of credentialing
    • The trend in South African Government departments is to request COMENSA Credentialed coaches (above other accreditations)
    • Many South African Corporate entities are beginning to request COMENSA credentialed coaches
    • If you are not credentialed, then you may not be employed as a coach and may not earn money
    • Not all businesses require a coach to be credentialed
    • The SA Business Coaching training course is registered with COMENSA and as a result of this you can credential with COMENSA after completing it
    • The SA Business Coaches training course is Internationally Accredited by the ICR – International Coach Register
    • The International Coach Register (an ISO 17024 and Lloyds of Holland accreditation body) has accredited the SA Business Coaches training course
    • Once you complete our course you can apply to the ICR for International Accreditation
    • By doing a coach training course you are not immediately accredited
    • You must comply with the accreditation body’s criteria before you can become a credentialed or accredited coach
    • This means you need to submit proof of coach training, coaching hours, essays, and “online knowledge tests”, amongst other requirements


    Why choose to do your business coach training with SA Business Coaches
    • We use the LATEST Neuroscience discoveries and methods in our training, so you are at the cutting edge of human technology
    • The SA Business Coach training course enables your ability to business coach
    • The quality process ensures that the course is accredited, valid, reliable, current, credible and well presented
    • Previously, our course designers have developed and designed executive MBA programs on strategy and leadership
    • Once you have completed your business coach training with SA Business Coaches, you will be competent to business coach
      • You will learn a unique, effective, and innovative business coaching framework and methodology
      • This framework and methodology will benefit you in your business coaching assignments, client acquisition and career
    • You will also feel competent to business coach
    • We prepare you to coach in the 5-business coaching environments
    • Not all coaching is equal and certainly not business coaching. Clients request experience and a framework in business coaching
    • The course has been designed with neuroscience, adult learning principles and approaches in mind
    • Course designers are industrial psychologists, training experts, business coaches and experts, and information technology consultants
    • It is a blend of online training, online quizzes, practical coaching, facilitated coaching, on-the-go evaluations, and practical coaching days.
    • The content of the course is coaching and business coaching
    • The course is divided into 5 modules each dealing with a different aspect of business coaching – please the course timetable above for more information
    • The course is not a therapy-based life coaching course; it is a bona fide neuroscience business coaching course
    • Most coaches and coach training providers base their coaching on a framework
    • SA Business Coaches framework is a bona fide business process business-coaching framework like Six Sigma, TOC, BPE or TQM
    • The methodology is focused on business principles, people-orientation and personal mastery
    • We do not follow a Therapy-based coaching approach but rather a Business Coaching approach
    • We include neuroscience, psychology, organizational development, and business principles when we coach individuals or teams in business
    • Facilitators on the course are professional business coaches who have Qualified through the course
    • Personal interviews and in-depth explanations are given to all delegates who show an interest in training as a SA Business Coach
    • All delegates are interviewed about their desire to become a business coach and the commitment required of this course
    • Past delegates progressed to establish successful business coaching practices or have included business coaching in their product or service offerings


    Size of the business coaching market
    • We are often asked if the business coaching industry is sustainable and viable
    • If you plan well, you can create a sustainable coaching business with a good income
    • Business Coaching is becoming a profession and as with many professions there are structures and systems to adhere to
    • We teach our delegates the competence of business coaching and not simply coaching skills; there is a vast difference
    • There are various markets for business coaching
    • Neuroscience is not a market – it is a technique and an approach to coaching
    • There may be markets that require a coach to know about and use neuroscience techniques, and therefore you are at the right place with SA Business Coaches
    • Each market varies in size and structure
    • When you choose your market, you choose a potential to earn and survive
    • We discuss whether the market you are considering is sustainable enough to provide for you and your family
    • For example, the Small and Micro Enterprise (SME) market is estimated to have 2,4 million businesses
      • Statistics show that these entities employ 50% of the working population
      • Each of these businesses needs to be sustainable
      • Each of these businesses needs a business coach
    • Corporate South Africa is one of the biggest users of coaching
    • Government is becoming a user of coaching as they realize the answer to competence is through developing its employees and people
    • The growth of the business coaching industry in South Africa is currently undefined and estimates show that the trend over the next 5 years is that the industry will grow at approximately 10 to 15% per annum
    • There are over 100 niches in the business coaching industry and each niche is a sustainable opportunity for the competent business coach


    What is Business Coaching
    • Neuroscience is a form of technique sometimes used in coaching
    • Business coaching is the coaching of an individual or a team of individuals within an entity for example a business, NPO, etc.
    • This entity could be a for-profit or not-for-profit entity
    • What is confusing in the business coaching industry is that some coaches call themselves life coaches, yet they coach in business
    • By definition and genre, many life coaches use a therapy-based approach to coaching
    • There are at least 26 different coaching genres many of which emanate from psychology
    • This type of “coaching” may or may not be appropriate in business; but how do you know?
    • Many businesspeople do not require therapy nor a therapy-based coaching intervention
    • SA Business Coaches business-coaching differs from this style of therapy-based life coaching in business
    • We train our coaches using state of the art Neuroscience, Personal Psychology, Team Coaching, and Business Coaching coaching approaches
    • Using a tried and tested business-coaching framework and business-coaching methodology, differentiates the life coach coaching-in-business from the SA Business Coach
    • Many executives, employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners require insights, from a coaching intervention, not only into themselves but so too into business and people they work with
    • Using a tried and tested business-focused framework and methodology ensures business coaching professionalism, accuracy, validity, reliability, and client satisfaction
    • A Qualified SA Business Coach will coach the individual-in-business and not simply the individual
    • Executives and people in business have patterns, habits, beliefs, and values all of which are coached in a business situation
    • SA Business Coaches uses a business-coaching framework and methodology which departs from the therapy basis toward a business coaching basis ensuring a quality-based holistic business coaching outcome
    • The real outcome is the satisfaction of both the client and the business coach, our system provides both
    • In summary, generally business coaching today is practiced using genre-based therapy-styled life coaching


    How is this Programme Different
    • SA Business Coaches uses a tried and tested business-coaching framework and methodology
    • This means that the coaching conversations are client and business focused
    • Imagine a torch being shone on a topic
    • The client is the torch, and the topic is the business coaching need or outcome
    • Often, the outcome the client brings to the coaching session is not the best outcome for them nor the situation
    • An SA Business Coach, using the framework and methodology, has a better than average chance of assisting the client discover their real need or outcome
    • Like a systemic coaching session, the framework follows a 5-point process
    • Naturally in the hands of an expert coach, this 5-point process is simply a guideline to super-effective business coaching outcomes
    • When the torch is focused on either business, people or a personal challenge, the framework and methodology co-create an environment of dual excellence
    • We teach the business coach how to satisfy the client by moving what the client wants and needs into the clients’ field of perception
    • We do this by teaching delegates our tried and tested business coaching framework and methodology
    • Using a tried and tested business-coaching framework and business-coaching methodology, differentiates the life coach coaching-in-business from the bona fide business coach
    • This ensures business coaching professionalism, accuracy, validity, reliability and client satisfaction
    • A Qualified SA Business Coach will coach the individual-in-business and not simply the individual
    • SA Business Coaches uses a business-coaching framework and methodology which departs from a therapy basis of coaching toward a business coaching basis ensuring a quality-based holistic business coaching outcome


    Coaching vs Business Coaching – the SA Business Coaches Way
    • Differentiation of these two concepts is at the heart of business coaching
    • Coaching or Life Coaching has grown out of several disciplines
    • To name a few, therapy, psychology (5-subcultures), sociology, anthropology and management
    • Coaching is a true methodology. It concentrates on directing, instructing and training either an individual or a group of people with the only aim to attain certain goals and objectives: History of Coaching – A True Insight into Coaching
    • If we accept the definition above, that coaching is a true methodology, then so too must business coaching be a true methodology
    • Often, in a business coaching environment, users of coaching are subjected to therapy-based coaching whether this is what they require or not
    • Therapy-based life coaching places the client at the centre of the coaching session, mostly exploring the client’s inner game
    • So too does SA Business Coaches framework and methodology place the client at the centre of the session and with a marked difference
    • The client is their own tool to discover and explore, discuss and describe their unique Business-coaching situation
    • The framework and methodology used, allows the business coach to create a fertile environment for the client to explore many business aspects including themselves as a business tool within their business

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