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Coaching Competence

Bongi sat quietly and refreshed herself on the components of competence, and what the coach and coachees’ roles would be. She found a good summary in SA Business Coaches’ October blog titled: Competence in Business Coaching→

Bongi was aware that although competence was the goal of the coaching interventions, there was competence required in creating and running the coaching intervention itself.

There were a few things that Bongi’s Business Coach explained that needed to be in place to ensure a successful coaching intervention. These included:

  1. Knowing what you should know
    1. Every coaching intervention has well-formed outcomes
      1. Each well-formed outcome has:
        1. Strategies
        2. Units of measurement
        3. Timeframes
        4. Each strategy has:
          1. Actions steps
          2. Units of measurement
          3. Timeframes
    2. Every coaching intervention requires recontacting every few sessions to ensure that the well-formed outcomes specified are still those in demand
    3. Every coaching intervention has a defined number of sessions and an end date
    4. Every coaching intervention has flexibility to change as required
  2. Knowing how it needs to be done
    1. The coachee and the coach need to understand their respective roles and responsibilities
    2. Defining the objective of the coaching intervention is a serious and lengthy process, which should not be rushed
    3. Each party must take ownership for their role in this process
    4. The coach needs to guide the coachee through what outcomes he or she would like from this process
  3. Knowing why it is so important to do things this way
    1. When a formalised process is followed there are defined responsibilities and accountabilities
    2. Everyone knows what is going on
    3. The coachee gains value from the process<//li>
    4. The coach has a direction in which he or she knows the coachee wants to go
    5. The coaching framework, methodologies, and tools are implemented in the right way as professionally as possible
    6. The coachee gets the best out of the coach
    7. The coachee gets the best out of the process
    8. Disappointment is minimised
    9. Success is optimised

Professional coaching interventions are run in a competent and methodical manner. This includes following a framework and using a methodology that enables an effective coaching intervention.

Competence is developed on a continual basis over time, resulting in continual improvement and enhanced performance.

To work with a coach who uses this coaching framework to develop positive and enhancing business coaching behaviour, please visit our Coaching Services page.