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We judge others by our own set of paradigms. Yet, those who have worked to define themselves, are usually seen in the light which they proactively and deliberately created. It is formulating a personal brand that not only affects how you are perceived, but it also impacts on how others treat you, and therefore affects your own self-image.

The end of a difficult year breathes life into the start of a new beginning. In any specific area of your work-life that is meaningful to you, this presents the chance to enhance how you are perceived.

You can definitively define yourself at any moment in time. Yet somehow, the start of a fresh year poses the perfect opportunity for personal analysis and self-creation. There may be nothing wrong with the current image that you portray, yet returning to the work environment gives a wonderful opportunity to think about who you are and how you want to be seen.

Use the time.

Use the environment.

Use your ideal self-awareness.

Make yourself who you want to be.