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Fundamentals of Coaching

Fundamentals of Coaching

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

The main reason for this is because it is so effective and powerful.

Coaching allows the client to discuss their life and business in a confidential environment, with specific clearly formed outcomes.The coaching process is a structured and professional one, in which the skill and competence of the professional coach ensures that the environment feels safe, and that there is a natural growth and progression, at the comfort of the client.

There are a variety of genres, approaches, methods or styles of coaching, most professional coaches combine some of these to give the best to their clients. No-one can be an expert in all the styles, however, it is always good to know about new approaches and techniques which may be useful.

Business Coach Training refers to the training of a specific genre of coaching; that of developing individuals to coach specifically in a business environment.

This Coach training will focus on the following areas in which a coach and business coach alike need to be competent:
  1. A Solid Understanding of The Coaching Environment
  2. A Clear Understanding of What Coaching Is
  3. Coaching and coaching competencies
  4. The Ability to Coach Professionally and Confidently
  5. The Dexterity to Work Effectively With your Own Self, and Chameleonise for the benefit of your Client
  6. The knowledge and competence to set up and formalise a coaching assignment

It focuses specifically on the coaching competencies needed to coach an individual.Competence in this context refers to B.E.A.K.S. described here as:

  • Behaviour
  • Experience
  • Aptitude, Ability and Attitude
  • Knowledge, and
  • Skills

This module has 9 sections, including the summary at the conclusion of the course.

We hope that you gain a lot from this course, and that you develop a good understanding of the coaching world, why people go for coaching, the various styles used, and the process of coaching – which in this context are the ICF’s 11 Core Competencies, COMENSA’s 9 Behavioural Standards of Coaching and various coaching tools and methods.

When you are finished with this module you will have knowledge of the coaching process, have the skills to set up a coaching session, manage and conclude the coaching session and how to report on it.

Proceed with an open and curious mind so that your learning is fun and exciting!

We’re happy to be on this development path with you!

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