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Introduction to Business Coaching

Introduction to Business Coaching

Please take moment to view the SA Business Coaches’ video on our homepage:

This module takes a look at demystifying business coaching in the coaching environment.

Business coaching takes place in a business environment; a business environment is any environment in which a set of activities produces a predetermined result.

The diagram above shows the extent of business coaching; note it can take place in any of the areas shown.

The module will show in what context business coaching takes place, what and who it satisfies, what the needs of the various stakeholders are and how it meets their needs.

Administration of a coaching practice and coaching assignments are also demystified and explained with the use of the innovative Coach in the Corner online, cloud based computer system; this makes the administration of coaching sessions and asssignments easy and professional.

SA Business Coaches follows an eclectic or an inclusive approach to coaching and business coaching drawing on many genres, styles or approaches; one single approach may not yield the best results for the coaching assignment, session and client.

SA Business Coaches is focussed on building coaching and business coaching competencies in the business coach and has developed a definition of competence called B.E.A.K.S.. This will be further defined and explained in this module.

Please enjoy your learning and development, remembering to contact us should any aspect not be clear to you during your learning and development.

We wish you happy learning.

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