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Putting the Business into Business Coaching

Putting the Business Into Business Coaching

Please take moment to view the SA Business Coaches’ video:


This module explores and defines business coaching from a different perspective.

Knowledge of the business environment is a prerequisite for business coaching in any business coaching environment.

The outcomes of this module are listed below:

  1. Confirming Business Coaching within the Business Context
  2. Why the Business Environment is Crucial to Business Coaching
  3. SA Business Coaches – Coaching Business Issues
  4. SA Business Coaches – Coaching Around Personal Characteristics
  5. SA Business Coaches – Coaching Around Others
  6. SA Business Coaches – The Checklist Approach
  7. SA Business Coaches – B.E.A.K.S.
  8. SA Business Coaches – Business Models
  9. SA Business Coaches – The External Business Environment
  10. SA Business Coaches – The Internal Business Environment
  11. SA Business Coaches – The Value Chain
  12. SA Business Coaches – Strategy
  13. SA Business Coaches – Other People – Internal and External to the Business
  14. SA Business Coaches – Personal

In small business there may be various needs of the business owner.

In executive coaching and corporate business, the tools used may be similar yet more sophisticated than in a smaller business i.e. company strategy in a corporate business vs a business strategy in a smaller business. This effectively means that the business coach should be aware of the various generic tools that can be used to create awareness in the coaching client; the level at which the tools are used will vary but the concept remains the same.

In a small business talking about the vision, mission and objectives can have immediate impact on the coaching client – they are in direct control of these in most cases. Whereas in the corporate entity the vision, mission and objectives may have been set at some other level and the executive needs to simply work with these.

Below is a diagram and an example of SA Business Coaches’ layout of the strategy making process in all business; both large and small. It is used in different contexts and in different situations. The skillful business coach listens attentively to the direction and content of the coaching client and pinpoints the areas in the diagram which will have the biggest impact on the coaching session and coaching client i.e. D.I.T.A.R..

This diagram is used by business coaches to develop powerful questions which create awareness in the coaching client so that they may find, develop and implement their own solutions to their dilemma’s and problems.

Portions of this model will be used in the sections ahead to clarify and develop your competence of the business environment and business coaching.

This module is designed to increase your competence; Behaviour, Experience, Ability or Aptitude, Knowledge and Skills, as a business coach by creating awareness in the coaching client and thereby facilitating an “AHA” moment for them.

This “AHA” moment is the beginning of their solution process and of a successful coaching assignment and session.

Please enjoy learning and discovering these concepts and methods while building your business coaching competencies.

We wish you happy learning and practising.

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