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Being in the C Suite is like being in showbusiness. You’re on display all the time, and everything that you do matters and is noticed.

How did you do this year? What comes to mind when you think about your performance over the past 12 months? Obviously, there are KPA’s and targets that needed to be met, but there were also challenges that you dealt with that others may not even have known about. How would you rate
your performance on those challenges? When you think about your year, what comes to the top of your mind?

What did you do that mattered most? What actions did you take that resulted in the best achievements? How did your behaviour enhance your career this year? When you think about what you did and what you were seen to have done, there will be those actions that just worked well. Give yourself the grace to accept your own praise for what you have accomplished.

As the year draws to its close. How do you feel? Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of your department? What niggles at you and feels disappointing? What angers you that wasn’t completed or done as you would have liked it to be? And what makes you feel that you deserve to be in the
position that you are?

You worked your way into the C Suite; you’ve worked hard all year. Looking at the time, decisions, actions and accomplishments, how did you measure up this year?