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Business Coach


Coaching Qualifications

  • SA Business Coaches – Business Coach Practitioner – 10 Dec 2018

Other Qualifications

  • BSc(Eng) Mechanical (Wits University)
  • MBA (Wits University)
Harold - Business Coach

Coaching Passion

Harold’s objective is to help people enjoy their work by using creativity combined with logic to improve the way they do things. With his down to earth coaching approach, you get to deal with someone who is:

• Practical, sensible and realistic
• Able to reduce complexity
• Friendly and easy to talk to
• Direct and challenging in dealing with you
• Free of any illusions or pretensions
• Honest, genuine and sincere

He relishes any opportunity to create awareness in clients, which allows them the opportunity to change things for the better.

Work Experience

Harold is an experienced Business Coach and Management Consultant, specialising in Operations with emphasis on Root Cause Analysis, Maintenance Management and Lean Manufacturing. He is a qualified engineer with a BSc Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both from Wits University.

He has been consulting and training for over 35 years, working with a variety of prestigious clients including large manufacturers, academic institutions and development organisations. His focus has been in manufacturing and engineering organisations, and he has managed factories with products varying from lifts and electric cables to sweets.

Coaching Specialties

One-on-one and small group coaching

Manufacturing, mining and engineering

"Non-technical" executives and senior managers working for "Technical" organisations

Executives and managers with a strong technical background

Coaching Experience

The Business Coach training that Harold completed with SA Business Coaches in 2018 included a substantial amount of practical coaching and learning, which he is now using to good effect. He has been working with business owners, executives and managers on varying coaching assignments since.

He has over many years successfully coached self-directed work teams at all levels in varied organisations. His training courses are designed and conducted to follow a coaching style.