Have you ever wondered what it is that enables some people to be successful and others not?

It is a question that has intrigued psychologists for years. Endless studies have been conducted on personal characteristics, backgrounds, education, and even height! To establish a firm set of criteria that makes some people achieve and others not.
The reality is that there is no golden list of traits that all leaders have. Business leaders come in various shapes, sizes, approaches, backgrounds, competencies, and abilities.

However, there is are four things that high executive achievers do. These are:

1. They face challenges head on:

Successful Executives create opportunities that enable them to achieve what they want to achieve. Then they work fearlessly towards achieving their goals without procrastination or negativity. They steamroll ahead to get things done!

2. They break big projects into small manageable goals:

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, Successful Executives feel excited. They work with competent teams to get things done well. They support the strengths of others, and they do not see quitting as an option. Successful Executives focus on the goals that they’ve set for themselves, and they move forwards at all time. They care about the end product, and they understand that each piece that they develop will matter in the end.

3. They fail forward:

Failure is part of anyone’s success. Successful Executives tend to learn the lessons from failure to make themselves more structures, more controlled, more well-rounded, and more disciplined. They learn how to manage their time and resources so that the next time they tackle a project, they use what is available to them that much better. They also proactively learn from others and situations so that they live a path of continual improvement.

4. They ask for help:

In order to be the best, you need to be amongst like-minded positive people. Successful Executives know that certain politics, systems and processes will launch them ahead. They network easily to ask mentors, coaches and other successful individuals how to work smart in order that they become more successful.

Success in an executive position has far more to do with behaviour than it does with ability, experience, skills or knowledge. How you do what you do is the key element in being successful.