pablo-17Inspiration is defined as ‘something that makes someone want to do something’.  TED is probably one of the most inspirational platforms in the world. The myriad of talks and topics are an essential component of any coach’s toolkit. Often this is because the experts who talk, say things so well, and have that amazing capacity to inspire us.

It’s difficult to select five of the most inspirational  talks, but these are some to get the year off to a fantastic and positive start. Each one is between 10 to 15 minutes, and can change the way you see yourself, and how you choose to live your life.

  1. Are you human, by Ze Frank

A four and a half minute series of questions which will make you smile, laugh at yourself, and truly feel like you share certain commonalities with every other member of the human race. This talk is lovely in its unusual presentation, and in the way in which it is received by the audience.

  1. Why you will fail to have a great career, by Larry Smith

Larry is an economist who has a very dry sense of humour and a realistic approach to one’s career. Do not be put off by the negative title – it’s a very upbeat and humorous talk, which really hits home in terms of kick starting your own career, and getting yourself into action!

  1. The paradox of choice, by Barry Schwartz

A realistic and thought-provoking look at our lives, circumstance and the currently reality of being overwhelmed by choices in every aspect of life. This talk takes a surprising twist by approaching a topic that would generally be seen as being highly optimistic, and making the listening think a little bit about their lives and the choices that they make.

  1. Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce, by Malcom Gladwell

By using the analogy of finding the perfect spaghetti sauce, Malcom Gladwell discusses the pursuit of happiness and human nature regarding choice. He discusses the search for perfect spaghetti sauce with great humour and simplicity. The correlation is to humanity: how we think we do not always know what we want, but if we are asked the right questions, we know exactly what we want!

  1. The surprising science of happiness, by Dan Gilbert

We seem to be conditioned to believe that if we get what we want we will be happy, and conversely, if we don’t get what we want we will be unhappy. Dan challenges this idea by introducing a concept called ‘our psychological immune system’, which is our internal pilot that ensures that we are really happy – even when we don’t get what we want!

Inspiration comes in various forms and means, and affects different people in different ways. Use the resources that you have to keep yourself enthused. It is through our internal stimulation that we drive ourselves to greatness and to achieve all those dreams that we dream for ourselves.


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