Stepping back from a businessThrough history the rebels who overthrow a government and start a new era are very rarely the people who then run the country.

Similarly, in business. The energy and thought processes that are required by an entrepreneur to launch and develop a business are a completely different skill set to the one that works to grow a stable and professional company. 

This can be difficult for an entrepreneur to hear.  The reality is however that if the entrepreneur wants what is best for the company, the chances are that he or she will naturally start to withdraw from the daily operations. 

 Further to this, the nature of an entrepreneur is to start new things, take on exciting challenges and take the risks which yield the best rewards. Therefore, inevitably the entrepreneur will start craving something new and dynamic.  Their innovative thinking and behavioural style is likely to launch them into another project anyway.

The rebels have a strong purpose and it is through their actions that the biggest changes in history happen. The presidents, prime ministers, or managers keep the status quo and grow things in a consistent and responsible manner.

All businesses need a shake up once in a while and all managers need to be challenged in order to grow. The skill set of the entrepreneur is invaluable and will never be redundant. It’s just a matter of using those skills most effectively and where their impact is the greatest.