In order to start a business there needs to be a spark of creativity. An innovator, maverick or unique thinker who has the capacity to see things in a way that others just don’t. This talent is rare and admired. This is the entrepreneur.

One of the greatest issues that entrepreneurs face is their ability to thrive in chaos. So often things are done in a way that serves the client, without any thought or structure going to the way things are done. Business processes and systems are often the last consideration on an entrepreneur’s mind. The emphasis is on opening a market, gaining market share and building a business… everything else comes second, to be dealt with as needed.

It’s not a matter of ability, but rather a complete lack of motivation to implement policies that will become standard operating procedures. Putting in place processes often offers no challenge to the mind that is seeking gaps and opportunities.  Often entrepreneurs see processes as something that large corporates must have in order to keep a whole lot of people really busy, but not achieving business growth.

However, processes are what keeps the business on track and the people maintaining and improving their standards on an ongoing basis.

For the entrepreneur, as their business reaches a certain level, suddenly the way things are done in the office become a frustration. The need to standardise and optimise , with office and procedural functions, become a priority.

This is a natural progression from an entrepreneurially run business to a professionally run business.

The fact that it is natural doesn’t make it easier to grow through, but it does mean that the business is no longer a start-up and is now becoming an established organisation.


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