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Passion and drive are key characteristics that enthuse the entrepreneur. Usually the business owner starts off by themselves, or with a partner, taking care of every aspect of the business – from marketing to tea making, from finance to floor sweeping. This is their business, their dream and they are going to make it work.

One of the greatest challenges that the entrepreneur has to deal with is the shift of doing it all yourself to learning how to ask for help.

Delegation has been cited as one of the most difficult areas for an entrepreneur to master. Not because the skill in itself is difficult; rather because the process of letting go and learning to trust others can be very painful.

Entrepreneurs will often make statements such as “If I want it done right, I need to do it myself”, or “it takes too long to explain; I’d rather just get it done quickly”.

The problem with those statements is that the culmination of tasks not only results in a huge quantity of time that could be spent more productively, it also clouds mind space.  The entrepreneur could be strategising or negotiating, but he or she finds themselves buried in a pile of operational tasks, where they feel themselves drowning in admin.  This does not grow the business.

Learning to delegate is a skill which takes practice. It is also a gift for the entrepreneur to give themselves – the gift of extra time, a free mind, and the knowledge that the entire business doesn’t only sit on their shoulders.

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