South Africa is a unique business environment. It is a culmination of first world technology and
innovation in a third world economy. We are an emerging market with a weak currency, a corrupt
government, and an unbreakable human spirit.

The average small business owner has numerous challenges, including limited access to finance,
infrastructure issues, Humans Resource Challenges, and limited admittance into professional
networks. More than this, the myriad of what needs to be done and determining the priority of tasks can
lead to paralysis analysis.

With this in mind, above all else, the Business Owner in South Africa needs clarity.

Clarity of what will make the biggest impact on their business;

Clarity of how to make the most effective decisions; and

Clarity of how to implement action plans most effectively.

All environments present challenges, and all businesses will have their own struggles, but when the
business owner is clear on what they need to do, why they are doing it, and how it should be done,
their challenges are transformed into to do lists, and their needs simplified into required behaviours.

Regardless of the inimitable environment that South African businesses operate in, there will always
be common needs and common obstacles for a business to overcome. Simplifying the situation to
gain perspective not only brings an air of relief, it establishes an atmosphere of finding solutions.