Experience is an interesting phenomenon. It has no real beginning and certainly no end. We continually build our experience base as we progress through varying situations.

It has been said that experience is life’s greatest teacher.  Yet the experience itself is meaningless unless we gain some value from it, which makes us able to continue (have a look at how an experience can lead to growth in “Experience is the most uncanny thing”).

Running a business is a never ending series of challenges. For most Business Owners there is certainly no handbook of instructions which lays out how each situation should best be dealt with. However, the experienced business owner knows that the next best thing to an instruction manual is
someone who has lived the experience before you.

Business experiences are unique in that they interweave a range of varying dimensions. However, at the end of the day, they usually have the same desired outcome: To do what is best for the business. Therefore, those who have run numerous businesses are able to capitalise on their experiences by
learning and failing forward so that they don’t make the same mistake twice.

Our experience shows us that the business owner who is willing to listen to the voice of experience is the business owner who is most likely to both succeed, and feel minimal stress when business throws one of its exceptional curveballs at you.

Business Coaches are renowned for using their business experience to save you on your own school fees. That’s why the business of business coaching is successful – it saves you stress, time, and numerous potential mistakes!

That’s what our experience shows us!