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Recovering from failure

Often we are advised to just pick ourselves up when we’ve fallen down.  It’s easy to say, simple to understand, but can be almost impossible to do when it’s you who has fallen.!

The greatest approach to overcoming failure to have the mindset that failure isn’t actually such a bad thing. As Thomas Edison said: “I didn’t fail 1000 times – I just found 999 ways that it would not work!”

Each failure is one step closer to the success that you are working towards. It’s a humbling notion that if we take time to consider our failure, why we failed, how we can change, and what feedback that failure is giving to us, our next steps improve us and our performance.  Failure is thus a vital step in innovation and growth.

This mindset is true for every aspect of life: Business, relationships, career and self-development. It is through not achieving what we had planned, that our path is enriched and our experience deepened. We are in complete control of how we choose to react or respond in the face of disappointment. We often experience negative emotions because the outcome achieved is incongruent with the result that was anticipated.

Failure is an event, not a person.

Zig Ziglar

How profound to remove the personal from outside occurrences. A human being thus cannot fail – a human being can only grow and develop, and embrace the learning and opportunities which ultimately cement them to stand strong.

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