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“I like to think of life as an adventure, like a roller coaster. It helps with the ups and downs.”

Eddie Izzard

When the government released the statistic that 2,2 million jobs had been lost in South Africa by the end of June 2020 (Stats SA), they did not include those who are self-employed, and therefore not formally employed. In essence, the figures excluded Business Coaches who work for themselves.

One would have thought that Business Coaches would have been flocked with work! Thousands of companies who had never faced such a situation before, who had no inclusion of these circumstances in legal agreements, and were completely caught off guard, would gallop to get help.

Funnily enough this was not the case. Numerous existing clients kept on keeping on, and gained value from their business coaching sessions. Yet the average business coach had a roller coaster year of ups and downs.

Now the year has reached its conclusion, and despite the terror of many dark moments or questioning your chosen path, you have survived. Business Coaches will always subsist because most businesses will pull through any difficulty – usually with a bit of help and guidance from their coach. So, when the figures look dismal and the phone doesn’t ring, remember one thing: You have endured and persisted, and you will coach tomorrow because businesses will always need you.

The more you persist, the more successful and stable your business coaching business will be!