Many people refer to 2020 as the year of hell. It sounds somewhat dramatic, yet for countless companies, employees, and C-Suite executives, it was a nightmare. Even for those right at the top, salaries were cut, staff were unable to perform, and the wave of uncertainty consumed many businesses.

Realistically, the world cannot stop.

“If you’re going through hell. Keep going.”

Winston Churchill

We know that this time will pass. We do not know what will come after it. But this phase, like all good and bad things, will reach its end. Numerous optimists have sought lessons and spiritual meaning for this time of slowing down and taking a breath. Yet this is not the right potion for those who are driven and ambitious and thrive on challenges.

For the executive who needs to progress, progress. Move yourself and your team forward, overcome the obstacles and jump over the hurdles. Time cannot be recaptured, but you do have the capability to create part of the future you want. To be human is to adapt. To be successful is to activate your potential. To be an executive is to walk through hell as if you own the place.