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With just over a third (34%) of employees aspiring to leadership positions, only 7% of those will everreach an executive level.

On the positive side, for those who are aspiring to reach the top, two thirds of your colleagues are not.

On the negative side for those with ambition, the chances of reaching the top, are slim – but not impossible!

So how is it that some people reach the top, and others don’t?

Numerous studies have sought to uncover the reasons why. Here is a culmination of the research:

– Successful Executives are open to learning. The proactively seek new knowledge and opportunities to apply this knowledge into their working environments

– Those who climb successfully make themselves known. They do not stay quietly in the crowd listening, they voice their opinions and make suggestions, even if it means putting themselves uncomfortably on the line

– Social skills and confidence are one of the most valued attributes of executives. Networking and interacting with others often opens opportunities which lead to career growth

– Successful Executives told someone that they wanted to grow and be promoted. They did not assume that someone would spot them and make things happen for them, they facilitated the process for themselves

– To be successful you have to move yourself beyond what is expected of you. By doing your job, your company will be satisfied. By showing you have capabilities beyond your KPA’s you classify yourself as an executive candidate

– Ambition is all good and well, but really successful executives have more than ambition: They have purpose. They know why they want to succeed, not just that they want to succeed

– Self-promotion is something that many people struggle with. It goes against a sense of modesty and we’ve been told not to brag about ourselves. Successful Executives brag. They tell others of their success, their accomplishments, and their greatness so that others seet his in them

– Having a mentor is something that you often hear, but only once you’ve experienced the exceptional value of being mentored can you truly identify why this is such an important advantage in getting yourself noticed and promoted.

Among a volume of attributes and characteristics, it is the above 8 factors that stand out as being the most prominent reasons why some succeed and others don’t. If you are unsure of how to implement any of the above techniques in your working life, then perhaps it’s time you used an executive coach to help you climb that corporate ladder!