Buddha said that no matter how hard your past has been, you can always start again. Creating your own fresh start to 2021 is not about how difficult 2020 was for you. It is the principle of seizing the moment that a new year presents and formulating the goals that you want to achieve.

This is almost like you conduct your own Business Coaching session on yourself, or you can make use of a business coach for this purpose. Introspect on what 2020 gave to you and contemplate with intention what you would like 2021 to give to you, and what you would like to give to your universe.

This pre-determined path of setting your own objectives, strategies and actions, facilitates a clear mindset. Not only do you have a defined mission for the year, but you also develop a subconscious map of where you are headed and how you are going to get there.

The time to contemplate is precious and should be used to its maximum potential. Enjoy this process and create your own fresh start to 2021.