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Business Coach


Coaching Qualifications

  • Certified Business Coach, SA Business Coaches 30 Nov 2016

Other Qualifications

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, GIBS 01 Dec 2007
  • Masters of Philosophy in Environmental Management (with distinction), UCT 31 Jul 1998
  • Certificate in Business Project Management, WITS 31 Oct 2001
  • Bachelor of Science in Town and Regional Planning, WITS 31 Dec 1996
Briony - Business Coach

Coaching Passion

I am passionate about the development of leadership and management skills of young professionals. My mission is to help you build a personal brand that gets you noticed for the right reasons. My experience, coupled with my business coaching training and my own personal values, equip me to be people centered, passionate about self development and learning, an innovative thinker, solutions focussed and action oriented.

If you are willing to be brave, curious, vulnerable and honest then I would love to work with you! I commit to reciprocating your self investment by creating a safe space and a process for you to do your best thinking, learning and self-leadership. I do this by giving you my full attention and encouraging you to explore your boundaries, by listening, asking incisive questions, testing limiting beliefs and assumptions, by believing in your inner brilliance and most importantly, by helping you get into action.

Work Experience

In 2016 I made a mid-life career shift from environmental and social management consulting, to business coaching. Taking a sabbatical as part of this shift gave me the energy, insight, self-awareness and opportunity to develop new skills that I needed to make this transition. By taking time out, I learned that: I NEED less than I have, time to reflect and THINK is critical to my sanity and making connections, being BRAVE is not that difficult, being CURIOUS has opened my eyes, the outcomes I want are completely up to ME to make happen, change is filled with opportunities to LEARN, actively ENGAGING in life as a learning opportunity, has reignited my passion and sense of purpose, and humans have a marvelous CAPACITY to reinvent themselves.

These insights gained in 6 months of self reflection, have been just as valuable as everything I learned, experienced and achieved in an 18-year career in the mining and natural resources sector.

Coaching Specialties

Coaching Young Professionals

Business Coaching

Career Change

Coaching on your Value Chain


CV/Resume Development

Coaching Experience

Being coached has profoundly and rapidly shifted my thinking from being problem-focussed to solution-focussed and ultimately into action. That shift takes courage – there is no doubt about that! But in being curious, vulnerable, honest and willing to change, I have found that not only has coaching helped me to shift out of fear, but that my passion is to coach others to find their own insights and “aha” moments! I have been involved in the development of young professionals as a ‘personal passion project’ for most of my career having mentored numerous young professionals and having easily built rapport with anyone with a curious mind.

Investing in business coaching training has catapulted my coaching competence and I now own Think Action Coaching Pty Ltd, where I am a full time coach working with: young professionals that are transitioning from self management to other-people management, and people going through career changes – either proactively or via retrenchment.