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Business Coach


Coaching Qualifications

  • SA Business Coach Training – 31Aug 2020
  • Qualified Business Coach – 05 May 2020
  • Time to Think – Thinking Partner – 07 Oct 2017

Other Qualifications

  • Masters of Business Administration – 31 Dec 2013
  • BA Honors (Philosophy) – 31 Dec 1995
  • BA (Law & Philosophy) – 31 Dec 1994
david davis

Coaching Passion

“Taking a step everyday beyond the possible” – everyone has a history; everyone is in a place here and now; everyone is looking for the future to be better; and those who want to be in a better future either have a way to achieve it or they don’t irrespective of which, if you really want to achieve great results, you cannot do it alone. My passion stems from years of travel and living throughout Africa and the Middle East, working with multicultural teams and seeing the impact an organization and the individuals within it can make that leads to the improvement of themselves and indirectly others.

Work Experience

Over 25 years of business experience in various industries – Mining, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Consulting, Organizational Development and Coaching. Worked at various levels from Manager through to Executive, Director and Business Owner. Worked with and within in various structures including Joint Ventures, New Market Entry, New Country Development, Mergers, Compliance, Organization Change, Negotiations and Mediation, Virtual and remote, Lived and worked in multiple countries throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Coaching Specialties

Business Coaching

Performance Coaching

Time Management Coaching

Expatriate Coaching

Coaching Experience

I started my coaching career in parallel to my own development while in corporate, using the skills and techniques in my various Human Resources roles within Mining, Oil & Gas, Facilities Management, Hospitality throughout Africa and the Middle East. This was further focused in 2017 when joining Leadership Management International, along with completion of the Thinking Partners program, which saw me coaching leadership development delegates for various organizations and individual clients for the past few years. More recently this focus has increased with the completion of the SA Business Coaches development and I am now using the Business Coaching approach.