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Business Coach


Coaching Qualifications

  • SA Business Coach Training – 31 Jan 2020
  • Qualified Business Coach – 05 May 2020
  • UCT GSB Coaching to Excellence – 31 March 2012

Other Qualifications

  • Diploma in Management – 30 Apr 1998
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
    (MBA) – 31 May 2000
  • Doctoral Degree in Leadership in
    Performance and Change – 31 Dec 2004
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Knowledge &
    Information Systems – 31 Dec 2014
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing – 20 Jun 2016
  • Certificate in Marketing Management – 30 Nov 1994
  • Certificate in Project Management – 07 Apr 2006
  • Certificate in Public Financial Management – 20 Jul 2011
florus prinsloo

Coaching Passion

My passion is to coach people to become life-long learners themselves and to implement systems and processes around them for others to also be life-long learners, be it in a company or in a family or community. I do this by coaching people to learn in the best way possible – through “workplace based learning”, also known as on the job learning or an APPRENTICESHIP of the 21st Century an “A21”- that is my absolute passion ! By becoming a life-long workplace based learner, anybody can continuously improve themselves, their businesses and the lives of others.

Work Experience

I have over forty years of working experience with the first twenty four years in the private sector mainly in marketing and sales. Since 2004 I have worked at executive level at national, provincial and local government. I have been responsible for development and implementation of numerous national legislative processes such as the Skills Development Act and Regulations. I have served as a technical expert member of the National Skills Authority and the Human Resource Development Council of South Africa, the two apex bodies that lead skills development in the country. At a provincial level I led the the Premier’s Apprenticeship Game Changer programme in the Western Cape and at local Government level I co-created and continue to be involved in the development of a Skills Mecca in the Garden Route.

Coaching Specialties

Workplace Based Learning Coaching

Life Long Learning Coaching

Skills Development Systems Coaching

Coaching Experience

Since 2010 I have been an internal coach to numerous people working within the public sector at national, provincial and local government level. This coaching has been focused on improving leadership, management and governance of executives working within the skills development environment. In particular since 2012 I have coached many colleagues on the modern, globally aligned quality apprenticeship systems that is endorsed by G20 and many world class organisations and many highly developed economies. I am now applying this experience as a business coach to any person linked with the skills development or technical vocational learning environment in South Africa.