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Business Coach


Coaching Qualifications

  • Certified Business Coach, SA Business Coaches 11 Dec 2020

Other Qualifications

  • Dip Data – UNISA – 3 years 31 Dec 2010
Gary - Business Coach

Coaching Passion

I am passionate about the development and growth of high potential individuals within the corporate environment and in particular the development of a talent pipeline in keeping with the company’s BB-BEE plan.

If your company is serious about “growing its own trees” in respect of your human resources, I would love to work with you. By exploring the competencies required for the position and aligning that with the company’s objectives we will follow a structured individual development plan for each candidate.

By co-creating a plan to holistically prepare the candidate for the challenges of the new position you will be provided with monthly feedback reports and an insight into the “Coach in the Corner” – A unique software platform tracking each goal, strategy, and milestone towards the delegate’s ultimate objective.

My aim is to…

1. Create an uncomplicated, safe environment where delegates can feel comfortable exploring their options whilst I serve as their accountability partner on their journey.
2. Provide senior management with the peace of mind that their talent pipeline is being managed and grown whilst they focus on the business of running their business.

Work Experience

I have been involved in the Automotive retail business for over 35 years. Having worked my way through the ranks of a huge corporate I understand and appreciate what it takes to succeed in this environment.

Starting my career in vehicle sales, progressing through middle management and ending as a dealer principal and director of a large and very successful motor dealership in Cape Town.

Coaching Specialties

Understanding and Developing Personal Competence

Leadership Within the Motor Retail Environment

Ethical and Responsible Leadership

Coaching Experience

I have unofficially mentored and coached my entire career with a proud record of having many of my previous team members serving in senior management roles today.
As a passionate teacher I have enjoyed this but only trained as a coach with SA Business Coaches in 2019. Since then I have coached a group of young aspirant dealer principals within the motor
retail sector.