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Business Coach


Coaching Qualifications

  • 03 Aug 2021 – Certified Business Coach

Other Qualifications

  • 01 May 2018 – Doctor of Applied Management
  • 19 May 2012 – Master of Applied Management
  • 04 Apr 1992 – Master of Business Administration
  • 20 Jul 1985 – B.Com (Economics)
  • Diploma Data Processing & Systems Analysis
jerry makokoane

Coaching Passion

​My aspirations are to grow individuals and teams by nurturing them positively through impactful coaching, particularly in the Semi-government institutions, including Universities, Public Entities and SOEs.

I am inspired by a company / organisation that induce nobility, energy, passion and commitment for both its leadership and staff. My goal is to help improve knowledge and practical expertise of clients in the areas of Governance, Human Resources, Operations and in Project Management within ICT.

My Leadership Onboarding Coaching is on newly appointed managers and executives who require to quickly transit themselves smoothly into high performance. I provide Performance Coaching to corporate leaders who are in need of staying at the top of their game.

By Team Coaching I seek to effectively advance clients’ business goals. My C-Suite Level Executive Coaching focuses on worker productivity for Executives and motivates and triggers effective performance for excellence of all my clients.

Work Experience

I am well-vested in management practices with experience of over 20yrs as an executive in government and public entities. That will grant advantage to my customers who want to be professionally capable in their business performance. I am also well acquainted with corporate policy formulation and business standards of practice necessary to position every capable manager in high esteem.

My proficient leadership has led to the establishment of important public entities in the transport sector within South Africa. Also, I successfully led the development of complex information and technology systems at Provincial and National government level as well as in a national Public Entity.

My work experience has enlarged my perspectives on critical contributions of people in change management strategies of an organisation. I have learned the importance of business strategies, systems and processes in maturing business operations.

Coaching Specialties

Leadership and Onboarding Leadership Coaching


Coaching Project Sponsors and Managers in ICT

Business Coaching for C-Suite Level Executives

Coaching Experience

My responsibilities as Chief Operations officer (COO) for over 15yrs involved the guidance of executives and senior managers by challenging and supporting their professional development skills and abilities for high performance and impactful results.

As a COO I had an opportunity of facilitating policy formulation and change management interventions at the Board level as well as at Executive leadership level, and general management level.

I have since formalized my business coaching services by completing the COMENSA and ICR approved coaching course through SA Business Coaches.