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Business Coach


Coaching Qualifications

  • Coach Qualified South African Business Coach
  • Registered International Business Coach with ICR (ISO 17024 – Lloyds of London register) Associate of Doug Lambert Coaches Dubai

Other Qualifications

  • B Com B Com
  • M Com Leadership Studies – Course work completed. Busy with dissertation
Rob Business Coach

Coaching Passion


My focus is to help executives, managers and business owners improve their effectiveness, with specific emphasis on leadership development, business strategy, marketing excellence and career progression.

I create a safe space for exploring new possibilities, new ideas and new learning, which lead to clear goals and action plans. My style is person centred and non directive. I serve as a guide to create self awareness, clarity of perspectives, in the context of self directed independence.

Work Experience

Rob worked at Unilever for 26 years in Africa and Europe, during which time he held roles such as Marketing Director, Business Unit Head and Board member. He has a track record of building successful businesses, and frequently worked on global Strategy, Communication and Innovation teams, and coordinated best practice implementation, business planning and logistics. As member of the East European Head Office Team he had responsibility for Strategic Development of the East European Businesses, was member of the Unilever global Market Research Steering Committee, and East European member of the Unilever/Best Foods integration team.

In recent years he has consulted both independently and in partnership, for example with Brand Learning Partners (London) and Pure Consulting (Saudi Arabia). His clients include Unilever, Shell, Nokia, Zain (now Bharti), GSK, Royal Enfield and South African Tourism. He also trained clinical teams in management practices in 20 hospitals in South Africa.

Coaching Specialties

Leadership Coaching


Career Progression


Business Stategy


Knowledge Management


Marketing Excellence


Coaching Experience

Rob has informally coached many managers across different cultural groups, international geographies, functions and seniority levels to become successful and progress in their careers. He has now added formal coaching competencies to his skills.