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Aspirations of me as a Business Coach

Thulani had many aspirations as a business coach. His primary aspiration was to build a successful Business Coaching practice, that would measure as being successful. This would constitute feeling satisfied with the quality of his work, having the number of clients that he felt would be sufficient for him, and reaching the financial targets that he aspired to.

Thulani also had an altruistic side to him and when he became a Business Coach, one of his dreams was to help others achieve their ambitions. He wanted to see his clients succeed and achieve their goals, and he wanted to be part of that.

He also had a broader vision of making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Thulani had a sense of service to humanity and being a Business Coach would serve that need for him. This was one of his greatest aspirations in life, and one of his strongest motivations in becoming a Business Coach.

Wanting to ensure that Business Coaches could indeed make an impact on other people’s careers, Thulani did what he did best before making any decision: He did some research.

He discovered that Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin empire, used Business Coaches throughout his career.

He has spoken openly about the guidance that they have given him and has stated that he could not have overcome certain challenges in his career without their assistance.

Voicing the exact same sentiment, Oprah Winfrey, has said the same thing about her Business Coaches, of whom she has had several. She publicly acknowledges how they have assisted her becoming the media mogul that she is.

Thulani also read about Bill Campbell, who was known as the “Coach of Silicon Valley”. He has assisted numerous business leaders and entrepreneurs, including Google’s CEO’s, Eric Schmidt. Campbell developed his reputation by assisting many people who have freely and visibly acknowledge what he has done for their careers.

Although his goals were to guide others, Thulani did not have any illusions about his own aspirations.

When setting up his practice he had done so according to a budget, and he had set financial goals for himself. These goals would help him to self-develop and grow himself professionally, as well as in his personal capacity.

Thulani took learning very seriously, and he applied what he learnt to every aspect of his life.

Thulani was accountable to himself and to his clients. His aspiration of being the best Business Coach that he could be, required him to take ownership of his profession and his Business Coaching practice. Feeling confident and inspired, Thulani continued to work towards his aspiration of helping others through Business Coaching and building a successful business for himself.

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