Aspiration and me

Mark had many hopes and dreams for his future. He preferred to look at his long-term prospects, yet he knew that he needed to set shorter term goals to achieve his true aspirations.

His Business Coach has introduced him to the concept of visualisation, which he enjoyed thoroughly. Through visualisation he felt as though he was advancing, and he loved seeing himself achieving the things he wanted to in his minds-eye. Feeling excited and wanting to renew his energy around visualisations, he re-read SA Business Coaches blog from March 2023 titled “Visualisation and me”.

Mark took his business coaching process very seriously because wanted a good Return On his Coaching Investment, and he aspired to use his coaching sessions to achieve what he had set out for himself. There were times that he vacillated between believing he could live his aspiration, and being sceptical as to whether the process of visualisations would work within a business environment.

All the stories of visualisation and aspirations had been presented to him in the sporting and life spheres.

Mark’s Business Coach smiled; he told Mark that if it was successful business coaching examples he wanted he could look at some of the most successful businesspeople in the world.

He was told about the various profiles of people who tend to aspire, and those who remain satisfied in their current positions. The profile chart appeared as follows:

Mark’s Business Coach then gave him examples of some of the greatest achievers in the business world who accomplished their aspirations, and have shared their stories with the world:

  • The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was a university student when he had the idea of creating a social media networking platform. When he shared this aspiration with others, even those in the same field, they did not believe in him. However, he set his mind to achieving this aspiration and now there are 2,96 billion Facebook users in the world, with Mark building a business worth $ 537,19 billion.
  • Elon Musk has created numerous successful companies, amongst them is Tesla and SpaceX. He is renowned for being ambitious and aspiring to improve the world using sustainable energy solutions. He still has the aspiration to visit and potentially create an environment for people to live on Mars.
  • Amazon revolutionised book sales with an ultimate vision of selling anything and everything online. Jeff Bezos took a chance as this was a completely unthought of concept, which would depend on early adopters to purchase books online, so that the idea would catch on. Now selling an estimated 12 million items, including services, Amazon is listed on the US stock exchange at a share price of $ 104,98 and a company worth of % 1 076, 88 billion.

Mark loved hearing these stories. They inspired him! He asked his Business Coach to take him through a process using tried and tested frameworks and methodologies that would enable him to achieve the ambitions that he had.

Interestingly enough, his Business Coach realised that through the examples of great businesspeople who had achieved, Marks aspirations had grown way beyond his original plans. He now knew that aspirations could become a reality!

If you are looking to boost how much you know about yourself, and how you can use your Business Coach to achieve your aspirations, contact a professionally qualified Business Coach at SA Business Coaches.