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How we will help you to Implement Coaching in Your Company – Part 2

The biggest challenge that Bongi identified when implementing coaching into her organisation was the lack of a clear outcome. She and the C-Suite had focused on the benefits of coaching, how it will enhance the performance of the business, and the impact it will have on each member of the Executive Team.

However, the Business Case was lacking. The company had not considered what Business Coaching would do for the company as a business. Bongi organised a full-day workshop for her C-Suite to uncover their coaching outcome focus for the business.

Before planning the workshop, Bongi wanted to refresh herself on one of the key criteria that would lead to the success of the Business Coaching experience. That was the levels of competence of the Business Coach. Bongi read SA Business Coaches’ blog from October 2022 on Competence in Business Coaching to prepare herself for this upcoming session.

“Without a plan, even the most brilliant business can get lost. You need to have goals, create milestones and have a strategy in place to set yourself up for success.”

Yogi Berra

The structure of the full-day workshop with the C-Suite was as follows:

  1. More clearly define their 3-year vision for the business.
  2. Align each leader’s personal commitment, perspective and contribution to the 3-year vision.
  3. Ensure they set clear line-of-sight deliverables from their departments so that they achieve this 3-year vision.
  4. Consider challenges or obstacles to achieving these objectives:
    1. State the strengths of each department and see how these could be used to overcome any challenges.
    2. State specifically what steps will need to be taken to reach each objective (this is difficult and may not be achieved in this session).
  5. Who will your objectives impact on?
  6. Whose buy-in and assistance do you need?
  7. Is there any stress or pressure that you will be putting onto another department when working towards achieving these objectives?
    1. How will you manage this?
  8. How does each departments’ objectives correlate with other departments to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive business strategy?
  9. Each department needs to spend time with their department to align the Executive’s thoughts with those if his or her departments. The following challenges will need to be addressed in this forum:
    1. How will Business Coaching assist each individual to achieve their part and their KPA’s so that the department will achieve their goals, and therefore the business it’s 3-year vision?
    2. What are the alternative objectives?
    3. What are the alternative steps to achieve this?
    4. When will each objective be achieved?
    5. What are the costs involved, including time?
    6. How will each objective and steps to achieve it be measured?
    7. How will we know when it is time to change direction or change our approach?
  10. Each department head must present their business case, including Business Coaching as a solution presented to overcome the challenges.
  11. A coaching plan should be designed for each person who will receive Business Coaching, with input from the individual concerned, the department head, as well as the selected Business Coach.
  12. This process needs to be re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly every 3 months.
  13. Measurements need to be present so that all feedback is objective and not pure interpretation.
  14. A monthly review with feedback to the C-suite team will ensure that the department is on track in achieving their part of the company’s business case.

Bongi felt satisfied and in control. A strong business case from the organisation, with objectives and a business case presented by each department provides a very solid foundation and plan. Business Coaching would be the tool used to ensure that the business case is achieved, the department goals realised, and each individual’s KPA’s reached.

Even though Bongi felt that this process should have been followed earlier, it was still a milestone in both human and business development, and that made her feel very satisfied with her Business Coaching project.

To work with a coach who comes from a Business Coaching company that ensures alignment between coaching and the company’s business case please visit our Coaching Services page.