Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.
Steve Jobs

We’ve heard various versions of this quote before. Yet, for many business owners, it’s not a reality
to have a team of skilled people surrounding them. Running a business requires various
competencies, numerous experiences, and diverse ways of thinking. Often, the team supporting the
business are those who were employed at grassroots level and who grew with the company, as their
roles expanded.

This leads to two situations:

1. People who have matured with the business tend to feel part of the business and have an
invested interest in its success

2. People who were employed to perform a certain function in a small company, are often
expected to upskill as their function develops, and sometimes neither know how to develop,
nor what level of competency is required of them

So, the business owner has a strongly supportive team backing him or her, but less strong in the
competencies or innovation required to take the business to the next level. What can be done?

A qualified SA Business Coach can facilitate the process of growth from within the business. The
qualified SA Business Coach is not a consultant who will advise of how to get rid of the old and bring
in new expensive staff, rather we will work with the resources that you have to make your people
actualise their potential and grow the business at the same time.

Coaching is about using the brilliance and originality that resides within you to achieve something
more than you imagined. It is using this methodology that the qualified SA Business Coach can
extract ideas and capabilities from within each member of your team, for the greater good of the