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Visualisation and me

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe. The mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

Famous words with a powerful message. Mark had imagined himself as being successful for years. It had been a fantasy of his since he was about 12 years old. He defined success as having status and money. These images required more measurable criteria for Mark to know whether he had achieved his goal. The more established he became in business, the more clearly, he was able to outline what success truly mean for him.

His Business Coach introduced him to the concept of visualisation. This is seeing the results you want in your mind before you achieve them.

Mark’s business coach shared that one of the best, and earliest documented examples of this technique was expressed by George Bannister who was the first person to win the 4-minute mile. This achievement fascinated Mark. He read up on it and discovered that in their book: The Power of Impossible Thinking, two Wharton professors analysed the lessons for business of the four-minute mile. They write a full chapter emphasising Roger Bannister’s mindset rather than his physical achievementi

Intrigued by the power of visualisation, Mark researched further to discover that Michael Phelps, the most decorated and successful Olympian of all time, also made use of visualisation techniques. He used it as a tool to prepare himself for the worst, so that nothing could take him by surprise.

Mark enjoyed sport and so he found this article on the impact of visualisation and the power of the mind in the context of swimming: The Power of the Mind Through Visualization – Swimming Worldii He also liked the idea that visualisation could be used to gear himself up for the best, and to prepare himself for the worst situations.

With a new-found passion, Mark discovered that numerous successful people – from the basketball player, Michael Jordan, to the actor, Will Smith – all make use of visualisation techniques to enable them to achieve.

Mark read their quotes on visualisation and how this had propelled human accomplishments. If you would like to read about the impact visualisation can have on your life, please read these quotes

Feeling immensely grateful at being introduced to the idea of visualisation, Mark started to form well form results that he wanted to achieve in his business, and began his process of visualising himself achieving them.

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