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The difference between choosing a job and a career is significant. A job is something that you do to pay the bills. A career is a progressive path through which you build and actualise a component of yourself. There are so many decisions which feed into your career choice, yet research shows that the more you enjoy something, the more successful you will be at it[i].


Why is Choosing your Profession so Important?

It seems logical that people choose the careers that make them happy. Unfortunately, coaches in the business world keep hearing how people fell into their professions and remained there for reasons that didn’t include their own passion. Other than personal happiness, the relevance of choosing what you will spend your time doing is a huge part of who you are. It has been shown that within paid employment, the average person will spend 35% of their waking hours working during a 50-year career[ii].


What you realise when looking at these statistics is that your career choice is vitally important. This is when you ask yourself: ‘Why do I want to become a Business Coach?’ The principle of coaching others at business starts with knowing what you want to do with your life, how much you want to earn, and what will make you happy.

How do you decide if you would like to be a Business Coach?

When considering Business Coaching as a profession, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I able to (or can I learn to) add value to others in the business world?

2.  Can I follow a tried and tested coaching framework and methodology?

3.  Will I allow my coachee to remain focused on their outcomes, without moving them in the direction that I believe is right?

4.  Can I coach and not consult by giving endless advice?

5.  Am I able to focus on a niche?

6.  Can I form a relationship built on trust, professionalism and respect?

The Business Coaching Industry

The Business Coaching profession in South Africa is growing by 1% per annum. This means that more and more Business Coaches are qualifying, because the need for Business Coaching is growing. South Africa tends to follow the American career trends, and the Business Coaching market size in the US from 2005 to 2027 appears as follows[iii]:


Business Coaching in the US Market size in 2022 is expected to reach $11,2 bn. This is a 2,4% growth since 2021.

Why is this relevant to you as a potential Business Coach? Because the more growth in the industry, the more credibility the profession, and therefore the more clients seeking Business Coaching.

Making your Decision

Do you feel that working as a Business Coach will be satisfying for you?
Do others seem drawn to you in asking for your perspective and guidance?

Will being a Business Coach make you happy?

Then contact the most credible and experienced Business Coaching company in South Africa. SA Business Coaches trains and guides Business Coaches to develop the coaching practices – independently, within organisations, or in their own niches.

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[ii] Siew E.R. (2016) Constructing Psychological Flourishing in Academic Worklife. PhD (Ind Psych) Accessed 14/01.2022