Do you remember running on a sports field with your coach on the side-line shouting encouragement and instructions at you or your team?

At the time most of us take that for granted. It’s how life is, and we don’t question any advantages or problems – unless you’re getting shouted at!

Looking back on your life you’ve been coached in so many circumstances that we don’t even contemplate how we were coached, or how it affected the trajectory of your life.


Why You’ve Been Coached

You have been coached because everyone is coached. Every human being has progressed through a coaching process, be it formal or informal, to reach some result. The importance is not how or when you were coached, but what you gained from the coaching process, and if it made an indelible impact on your life. Most people will attribute the success of the coaching interaction to their coach.

When you make the decision to be a coach, you do so because you know that you have value to add, and lives that you can help to improve.

The Professional Business Coach

We have said that becoming a Business Coach is a journey that requires commitment and dedication. We also know that it can be rollercoaster of emotions ranging from exhilaration to exhaustion. Every professional business coach has ridden the swing from believing they are competent to having a moment of feeling out of their depth. This can make the most confident person question their professionalism and their own worth.

Business coaches use a variety of systems and approaches to achieve results. However, the professional Business Coach has a toolkit of frameworks, methodologies, and competencies that he or she can make use of at the right time to yield exciting results. It is only a professional coach who has trained in a professional environment who embodies the kit, and the know-how of when to make use of each area.

Why Become Certified?

There was a lady who completed a 6-month coaching course. Approximately 3 months later she realised that it was a life Coaching course, where the marketing had said ‘Business Coaching’. It took her 9 months (the duration of the course and 3 months thereafter) to grasp the fact that there were no business skills, knowledge, nor models presented in the course. She was beyond disappointed, she was disillusioned. The vocational path that she had so carefully selected for herself was disheartened.

This is a simple example of why it is so critical to consider your training provider carefully. Large organisations with good reputations serve a certain market, smaller companies with specialised courses serve another. When looking to be a true certified professional, there is one crucial question that you need to ask yourself:

What kind of coach do I want to be?


This should lead you to sift through the array of providers.

How to become a Certified Business Coach

Like any professional endeavour, embarking on your professional business coaching career is something that requires research, analysis, and references. You do not want to start or finish a qualification that isn’t legitimate – which you only realise after it’s done!

Considering the curriculum, ethos, values, and reputation of your service provider is not just essential, it is the only way to make the choice that is right for you.

Do not just accept the answers you are offered, ask the questions which make your path to becoming a certified business coach, by an organisation which is credentialised both by COMENSA and has an International Accreditation with ISO 17024 with ICR. The only Certified Business Coach Trainer who meets that criteria is SA Business Coaches.


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