In the business world there’s a constant pressure to stay ahead of the competition and move your business forward. Technology and globalisation have shattered the barriers to entry in most industries while knowledge continues to become increasingly available. For many small to medium sized businesses, creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace means creating strong competencies within the organisation.

With 98.5% of South Africa’s economy being made up of small and medium sized enterprises (BusinessTech, 2018), contributing almost 34% of GDP, the focus on development of business owners has become a national priority. The statistics of 70-80% of small businesses failing within their first 5 years of business adds an additional pressure to those whose livelihood is dependent on the success of their business.

The challenge arises in navigating the path ahead which will ensure success at the most minimal cost to the company. Numerous factors impact on a business, both externally and internally, making the decision of how to develop yourself far more perilous. It is for this reason that outside guidance becomes both a source of support, a continual inspiration, and a good sounding board.

With Business Owner Coaching, you can form a secure and workable strategy ensuring your development has a direct and positive impact on establishing a solid business advantage for your company – with long term benefits. Taking yourself to the next level means making your business a sustainable success!