The moment that you realise that you want more from your career is the moment that you start to look for the good and the bad in your current career. Becoming a Business Coach is exactly that: Identifying, naming, and pursuing the positive and negative aspects of yourself and your professional life.


You as a Business Coach

It is a mind shift when you decide that you want to be a business coach. Most importantly, you start to recognise the value that you can add to others. This is a wonderful transformation and for many it is a fresh lease on who you can be.

As a Business Coach you are a specialist with a professional approach to help others achieve their desired outcomes. It is a position of trust and responsibility.

The Requirements to Become a Business Coach

Business Coaches have a specific set of competencies. It would not be realistic to list the full set of requirements, there are 2 core categories: These are:
The professional qualification and the personal requirements.

The Professional Requirements

The formal qualifications to become a Business Coach are easier to define, yet it can be difficult to select the right professional Business Coaching Training provider. The professional qualifications are as follows:

  • A formal professional qualification is an absolute necessity.
    – The qualification that you chose needs to provide you with a holistic view of business, the core elements of coaching, and your personal skills which make up an effective Business Coach.
  • Practical business coaching experience conducted during your Business Coach training.
  • Business experience or a qualification in business.
  • A formal understanding of how people perform best.
The Personal Requirements

Some of the central personal requirements to become a Business Coach include:

– Patience,
– Lack of judgment,
– Maintain confidentiality,
– Communication,
– Active listening,
– Constructive feedback,
– The ability to understand people,
– The ability to understand business.

These strengths give you a foundation to begin your business coaching career.

Your Assets as a Business Coach

Have you noticed that people come to you for guidance or approach you as a sounding board for their business and life? When you can help your coachee integrate their personal goals with their business vision, you begin to use your immeasurable assets.

Assets as a business coach set the foundation for the requirements of becoming a business coach. These resources are only useful when applied in the business coaching setting.

How to Become a Business Coach

The initial realisation and decision to become a business coach is then followed by your assessments of the requirements. You then need to consider your personal alignment to the requirements. This is the starting point of your business coaching journey.

Your Process in Becoming a Business Coach

Before you even start on this path you need to ask yourself the 6 questions outlined in this article from the South African Society of Applied Psychology.

Like many processes the evolution of becoming a business coach may be an iterative process going backwards and forwards until you find your fit. Enjoy the process as it leads you to towards your business coaching profession.

To start your Business Coaching career, click here for a step by step process on How to become a Business Coach.