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To be competent is to perform a function to the required measurable standard, repeatedly – regardless of the environment.

Competence relies on a foundation of inborn abilities, joined with learning capabilities and a willingness to develop.

The principle of creating the groundwork on which to grow, was perfectly explained by Warren Buffet when he said: ‘Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.’

When we sit under the tree, we do not usually think about the origin of a seed, nor the roots that hold it in place. We may admire its beauty and appreciate the functionality, yet the development that took place prior to completion, is so often taken for granted.

The framework of competency forms a solid base on which competence can be developed.

We call the 5 areas of competence B.E.A.K.S., this anagram stands for:

  • Behaviour:
    • Your performance and integration of the other 4 areas of competence listed below. Behaviour shows yourself and others how competent you are.
  • Experience:
    • We all live through multiple moments, yet it is those that make an impression on us and create a change in the way we do things that build on our experience.
  • Ability:
    • Each person has inborn aptitudes in various spheres. Abilities can be worked on, however, in most cases, there needs to be an innate capability on which competence can be cultivated.
  • Knowledge:
    • Information is freely available in vast volumes; it is only when we understand the information and make use of it that it forms part of our competency kit.
  • Skills:
    • The plethora of skills is innumerable. Each skill can be developed and crafted so that when you perform the skill you are totally competent.

Working and using each of these 5 components builds competence, which in turn creates a precursor for you to understand how you can build your competency levels.

Using the competency framework as a forerunner is paralleled to  someone placing a seed into nurturing soil, giving it water and care, and creating a tree, giving shade to your business. It is in the groundwork where the real effort makes a difference and generates long-term results.

To gain a deeper insight into how the 5 areas of competence can work as a forerunner in your business, contact SA Business Coaches for more information:

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