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When we start a business, the vision is often one of growing the business to a certain level. When we reach stability in that phase, we grow the business to the next point. This is the most natural way of thinking, and it would be absurd for a business to launch itself, and be content in the start up phase, certainly without reaching a point of stability and potential growth.

Richard Branson said that growth does not always lead a business to build on success. All too often it converts a highly successful business into a mediocre large business.

The experience which this quote reveals is phenomenal. We have watched so many businesses grow too quickly, beyond their own capacity, resulting in either their downfall, or a very quick reverse minimising. Growth is not a given, it is an option.

Business needs to be developed around the market demands. If the demand exceeds the current business’s supply, then moving out of your comfort zone and into a far more stressful and work intense phase should be considered. Growth cannot happen without change, and often change is difficult, yielding unexpected results.

The successful growth of a business depends on the people who support you in the company, and how they will manage, adapt, and integrate with numerous new employees if possible. Your production or development facility also needs to be able to handle an increase in volume, without losing standards of quality and service levels to your clients.

Sometimes your business runs so efficiently and effectively that the concept of risking this is not worth destabilising what you have built. Whether you decide to build your business bigger, or maintain the status quo, making your offerings better, your focus should always remain on being the best business that you are proud of creating. Regardless of size.