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It will never be perfect.

Make it work.



To run a business is to take on a whole world of strategies, business model, supplier relationships, client requirements, human resource issues, and more than can be articulated.

The difference between those who crumble under the pressure, and those who soar to success, is the simple mindset of not wanting nor dreaming but taking action.

Making things happen so that your decisions and behaviours yield the best results.

‘Making it’ means that you’ve failed along the way and found ways that things won’t work.

It also means that you’ve celebrated your successes and perfected certain processes.

Our personal and professional definitions may differ, yet when you run a business, the gauge of ‘making it’ is a simple equation. The measurables that were clarified at the outset are either missed, met, or exceeded.

When looking at your own career, ‘making it’ is far more difficult.

Sometimes it’s a feeling of achievement.

Sometimes you may shift your own quantum so the better you do, the more you expect from yourself.

Objectively, ‘making it’ in your professional life is acknowledging your own journey, learning from your growth, and knowing that you did your best.

Success breeds success, so the more effort exerted into making it, the stronger the possibility of you making it!

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